15-16 Curriculum Choices

Is it too early? :slight_smile: I love reading what others use and why or how . . .

Anyway, ws started up yesterday and here is the official list:

3rd Grade:
Rod and Staff 3 with worksheets
Extra word problems daily from Strayer-Upton Practical Arithmetics Book 1

Language Arts:
Rod and Staff 3
A Beka 3rd grade readers
Spell by Color Year 1
Cursive writing (reviewing with free sheets from biblestoryprintables.com, then copywork)
1 hour of reading or audio books a day from a list of classics and grade-level reading from the Mensa for Kids book list and a 1000 Good Books list.

Let’s Read and Find Out science books with notebooking (just a plain sheet, nothing fancy)

A Beka Our American Heritage with notebooking (some of the reading books go along with the profiles in the book)

Homemade 50 States map work

Memory work and daily Bible reading.

Swimming lessons for PE, he draws all the time so I don’t worry about art for now, and we play classical music during school for music appreciation.

Your turn!

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It is never too early! I have one in K4 this year, so this is all new to me. I was a high school math teacher in the public school system, so teaching one child basics is strange to me.

Counting Everything
LOTW Program from here

Language Arts:
Library Story Time on Mondays
LOTS of Books
LOTW Program from here

Nature Walks
Weekly Experiments from pinterest and library books

Rhyme Bible and Beginners Bible
Daily Bible craft or coloring sheet
Moms group and Ladies group at church on Tues and Weds, where he will be in preschool ministry

Music/Dance time daily
Craft projects, play dough, finger paint, etc.

He is young, so it will be mostly fun and games with an educational twist!

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Growing with Grammar, level 4
Wordly Wise 3000, level 2-3
Little House on the Prairie/Prairie Primer

Math-U-See Delta (division)
Time/Money practice (using Touch Money)

Science In the Beginning

Winter Promise Kids Around the World

Abeka, grade 6

Lego Reading
Discovering Great Artists
IEW Fun and Fascinating

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I have a kindergartener and a first grader- My kindergartener will probably take part in most subjects, but won’t be responsible for Voyages in English and All About Spelling (even though she will likely sit through lessons- We will see how this goes, so far she has been keeping up with her brother (just a shade behind in reading and writing)


  1. gracelink.net- video clips of stories/Bible verse for memory work
    If you click on the teacher edition you can click on activities to go with the story as well and view extras- that you may include if wanted (songs, lesson application, Do and Say activities for each day of the week)
  2. Step by Step by Jerry D. Thomas
  3. Adventure Club- similar to boy scouts/ girl scouts but with a biblical base (once a week)

Language Arts:

  1. Hooked on Phonics
  2. Voyages in English- Grammar/Writing- grade 1
  3. All About Spelling Level 1
  4. Storytime/craft at the local library- once a week
  5. Read Alouds


  1. Calendar time- money/place value, patterning, graphing weather
  2. Math U See- Alpha


  1. God’s Design for Science
  2. Science experiments
  3. Knee High Naturalist Program-local nature preserve (once a week)


  1. Story of the World combined with Mystery of History-Volume 1
  2. Expedition Earth

Foreign Language:
Spanish- Grandma’s house (retired High School Spanish Teacher (once a week)

Music & Art:
Throughout the day based on current lessons/books/holidays or themes we are exploring.

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3rd Grade dd (special needs)
Bible-readings from our Bible story book; games to learn books of Bible
Language Arts-games on contractions, compound words, simple antonyms, sentence building; look for readiness for more structure in copywork (currently does a lot of writing on her own)
Reading-Arthur the Chimp series; Frog and Toad series; lots of picture books
Misc Poetry 2x
Aesop 1x
Math-2 and 3-digit addition and subtraction; four digit place value; counting money
History-work through a 50 states booklist I created a few years ago 2x
Science-human body/plants/earth and space using Let’s Read and Find Out series and similar titles 2x
Lit-Little House in the Big Woods; others undecided

6th grade ds:
Bible-continue daily readings and Scripture memory (using Simply Charlotte Mason verse packs); maybe the Lego Matthew challenge from Proverbial homemaker; games to learn/review books of Bible
Language Arts-continue copywork 2x; writing prompts 2x; Daily Grammar 5 from Schoolhouse Teachers; Spelling City using 1000 common words list; limericks; Longfellow; Poems from William Blake’s Inn; Kipling (maybe; still looking for resources); word usage (homophones/homographs,etc.) 1x
History-US Civil War to present; continue states and abbreviations; begin learning capitals (we’ll try Yo, Sacramento by Will Cleveland)
Science-ABEKA Health 4-6 with quizzes/tests 4x; review 4H Forestry/Wildlife 1x
Lit-choose from a list I have prepared
Reading-choose from a list. List will include both chapter books and long picture books such as James Herriott’s animal stories
Take Book Adventure quizzes where available
Math-no formal curriculum; division/fractions/decimals 4x; measurement 1x; daily word problem
Spanish-Foreign Language 4 Kids by Kids
Character-Child’s Book of Faith; Max Lucado’s Wemmicks series; Melody Carlson’s Just Like Jesus Said series; The Quiltmaker’s Gift by Jeff Brumbeau

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For my 1st grader-

Math - singapore math workbook, spielgaben lessons

Reading - AAR 1, language worksheets from Mamas learning corner

Geography - Evan-moor beginning geography

Science - janice van cleave’s experiment books

Art - Home Art Studio, Draw Write Now, random projects

Gujarati for foreign language (what we speak at home)

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Just wondering what the Prairie primer is? My daughter is enjoying the Little House Books and it might be a nice fit.

@Urmiu82 Here is a link to Cadron Creek’s website. They have info/links on their page to show exactly what the Prairie Primer is. http://cadroncreek.com/shop/prairie-primer/

I am not using it as a full curriculum, although I am using pieces of it. My daughter needs very hands-on learning, so we are using a lot of the info from the Primer, in addition to paper dolls of the characters, cooking recipes and music pages and a CD. So we can read about the family eating dinner and Pa playing his fiddle, while Brooke plays with the dolls, eats a snack and listens to a CD of the music he may have played.


My daughter is 5-1/2 and in K5.

Abeka for almost everything (Bible, Phonics, Reading, Writing, Numbers, Social Studies, Science, Character Development, Skills Development, Music, and Art)

Lots of library books. I bought her a rolling cooler that opens at the top for her to use for her library books. She now has her very own library card which attaches to the “library suitcase” via a carabiner.

PE: swimming lessons interspersed throughout the year, soccer in August/September, and possibly t-ball next spring, and, of course, going to the park, etc.

Music: I hope to start her on violin next month.

Extracurricular: American Heritage Girls and home version of Little Keepers of the Faith. Sunday School.

Field Trips: Children’s Museum of Memphis (membership) and other trips to correlate with the Community Helpers part of Social Studies.

I’m hoping to finish Abeka’s K5 by March or April at which time I’ll also jump right into first grade supplemented by Erica’s RoadTrip USA and Apologia Astronomy.


Well, I did a poor job saving up money for the curriculums I had in mind and now have to pay the price for that…Online schooling!!! :frowning: I have to now start over again with saving up money but in the meantime will be using Connections Academy till I purchase and organize the curriculums I originally wanted. This will be for my 6th (whom I’m actually going to have repeat 5th grade) and 1st grader. My 4 year old will be doing Letter of the Week curriculum! As disappointed that I am with myself for being irresponsible and online schooling, I guess the ONLY plus side to this is the mandatory schedule they pretty much set for you. I’ve shown no discipline in scheduling and sticking to it so far this summer. We should’ve been learning but been having multiple “sabbath” weeks :-/ I guess I am someone who needs that structure in the beginning. But I do despise common core curriculum so this will be a good motivation to get me saving quickly and not touching the money this time :wink:

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@HSintheCity If you have your 6th grader repeat 5th grade material, do you have to notify your board of Education? I’m curious because my daughter isn’t on grade level, but the school system just advances her on their records.

As of right now they haven’t told me differently…he does need to take a placement test still. I will keep you posted :slight_smile:

Have you checked out www.allinonehomeschool.com (Easy Peasy)? Also, www.amblesideonline.com, and www.simplycharlottemason.com have free resources and curriculm advice. Both include some very inexpensive books/lesson guides. Ambleside has links to free books to read online. Before going to Connections check out the free curriculums you can find online.

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Easy peasy all-in-one is really good quality. Cathy Duffy listed it in her most recent book.


I have a 3rd, 6th, and 7th grader at home this year (unfortunately our other 3 are in public school this year, praying that changes at any moment, it’s hard on this mama’s heart)

Bible: Explores bible discovery promises fulfilled (group setting)
Phonics: Phonics road (group setting)
History: Road Trip USA (group setting)
Science: God’s design for Life Animals, Human Body (group setting)
Grammar: Easy Grammar (book 3,4,plus)
Vocab: Vocabulary Workshop (book Green, A, B)
Spanish: Rosetta Stone (group setting, but only really tracking my 3rd grader as he was the one who really wanted to learn)
Literature: Confessions of a homeschooler lit 2
Art: Artistic Pursuits
Math: Saxon (3, 6/5, and 7/6)
Cursive books
Options program 1 day a week with various classes

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Thank you!! Will look into this…I have signed up already but can always get out :wink:

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I have a 6th, 3rd, and 2nd grader…this is what we’re doing:

*Math mammoth 6/7, 4, 3
*Michael Clay Thompson grammar,
vocabulary, and poetry.
*apologia general science, botany
*mapping the world by heart plus
various other geography curriculum
*all about spelling 5 and 3
*reading classic literature with discussions
*bible study guide for all ages year 4
*pentime handwriting level 6, 3, and 2
*writing with skill 2, writing with ease 3,
and 2, the creative writer 1
*ballet, baseball, and whatever else
*piano and guitar lessons
*co-op classes (speech and debate, sewing,
painting, sign language, home ec, survival
skills, archery, building projects, life cycles,
and book club)
*character training from doorposts

That’s about it. It’s going to be a great year!!

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@HSintheCity You might also be interested in Trail Guide to Learning which I have recently come across–it is for multiple age levels and can be found for resale on Homeschool Classifieds sometimes for around $125 for everything in one year’s worth for every child (which, hey, in my budget even $125 is waaaaayyyy too much sometimes–a lot of the time) but it covers every subject except Math and I have found it has gotten rave reviews across the board. Just another idea and you can teach all children at once :slight_smile:


for my 3yo we will be doing LOTW!
For my kindergartener:
BJU k5 for English/phonics, reading, and math.
Abeka think and learn and handwriting.
Science- building foundations of scientific understanding

I had such a hard time not buying everything! there are so many curricula that look amazing!