15-16 Curriculum Choices Mid-Year Review

Back in July @michelletown started a great topic that I followed about what people were going to be using for curriculum this year and I was hoping those people might be willing to do a mid-year review and talk about what is working for them (or not) and just do a quick follow-up for us. :smile:

(P.S. you don’t need to have participated in the original thread to do a review of your curriculum for us. Our community wants to hear from everyone!)

Here is a link to the original thread:

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1st grade - CLE Learn to Read and LA and Math LOVE IT! Love their Bible stuff too.Plan to continue with it. Loving Veritas Press Bible and History. Both together (Gen.-Josh and Ancient Eygpt) overlap a lot and duplicate lessons. Wouldn’t do together. But hey they are getting lots of review! Great for my special needs 11 yr.old. and 1st grader and 4 yr.old watch it too. Get on sale. Special now at homeschool buyers co-op other wise $$.

5th grade. (SPECIAL NEEDS) TT4 no tears math! All About Reading 4 (getting tired of it have used all of them.) Will finish and go to Raz kids plus (leveled high interest readers) Practical spelling 2 short and sweet. His WORST area. Type Touch Read Spell working goood and will continue. Apologia Zoology 2 finishing and will continue with Apologia.

9th grade. CLE grade 10 Lit. good BUT too much POETRY but has been a good change. Will have college teacher next year as tutor. Geometry MUS going good and will continue with MUS Algebra2 then may move to TT precal. Science- Apologia Physical Science good and going to continue with Biology next year. Landmark freedom Baptist history- simple to the point daughter loves it. I think we will change next year. May do ACE? 36 University for ACT prep. HIGHLY recommend this one! Get at convention and it is cheap!

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I’m confused, don’t we want the 16-17 curriculum choices?

Unsure what I posted on the original thread, but we have made some changes.

Ds12 (7th grade):
Language Arts–planned to use ABEKA 6, but after 9 lessons realized it was too much busywork. Currently using the Daily Grammar website. (I print off the lessons so he can’t see the answers). When we finish 90 lessons we will switch to spelling using the 1000 most common words list. We are reading various books about animals. Read-alouds (I read to him): So far Caddie Woodlawn, The Incredible Journey, Peter Pan, Charlie’s Raven, The Jungle Book, and Anne of Green Gables.

Math–continuing prealgebra from Schoolhouse Teachers. Next year will use Teaching Textbooks prealgebra.

Science–Introduction to Agriculture using books from Storey Publications and 4H materials

Social Studies–he had originally wanted to study Canada for the entire year, but tired of that idea quickly. We turned it into a year-long world geography class using the Lands Peoples Cultures book series

Art-at the beginning of the year we had no definite plan for Art, but he likes Art Study (CM-style), so I am implementing that once a week. Hope to study Degas and Homer. He also draws and paints occasionally.

Dd9 (4th grade–Special needs)
Language Arts–she reads to me, either from a picture book or a book from the Troll Easy to Read mystery series. She has listened to ALL of the Paddington books and is currently listening to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. She is not doing formal grammar at this point b/c I am trying to follow CM guidelines about waiting until grade 5 or later to begin. We do occasionally play file folder games and she is exposed to Schoolhouse Rock occasionally. As for spelling, I am at a loss how to teach it. We went through the 1000 words list last year, and she knew about half. It’s the half she doesn’t know that I’m unsure what to do with.

Math–currently using worksheets to learn regrouping. When she finally masters this skill, I am tempted to begin Teaching Textbooks with her (thanks, Jeanna, for confirming it’s good for special needs kids).

Science/Social Studies-world geography (different booklist than her brother). Science correlates by including relevant animals in the study.

Art-she is my little artist and is either painting, drawing, or using Microsoft Paint on a regular basis.

ETA: After reading my original post, I need to add:
Ds12 Daily Bible reading schedule; Poetry of Kipling and Millay. Are not using Book of Virtues for Young People
Dd9: Bible Stories for Older Children; Poetry of Carroll and Rosetti

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