Year 2 of homeschooling

Last year was our first year of homeschooling. I have a now rising 5th grader :astonished: and 3rd grader. They were previously in public schools. Last year I considered it our “practice” year. After going through 3 spelling curriculum’s and forgetting about history until January (when my oldest pointed it out! OOPS!), I now have the 2016/17 school year a bit more organized. Here goes, and PLEASE comment and give your advice!

Items we do together:
History: BJU 3rd grade Heritage series, and Evan-Moor History Pockets
Science: Real Science for Kids- Physic’s for Kids (My husband teaches this.)
Bible: Route 66- books of the Bible
Geography: COAH Road trip USA
Literature: COAH unit studies
Spanish: Spanish tutor comes to our home
Art: Home Art Studio (LOVE THIS!!) :heart_eyes:
Music: COAH Greatest Composers

3rd grader (girl)
Math: Math-u-See Beta/Gamma
Eng: BJU
Spelling: BJU
Vocab: Evan-Moor online portal
Handwriting: Grade 3 workbook (yard sale find)
Reading: Abeka readers and various chapter books
PE: dance at our local rec center, and winter swim team
Music: Guitar lessons (1st time we’ve tried)

5th grader (girl)
Math: Math-u-see Delta
Eng: BJU
Spelling: BJU
Vocab: Evan-Moor online portal
Typing: (2nd year)
Reading: Abeka readers and various chapter books
PE: dance at our local rec center, volleyball clinic, couch to 5k running program
Music: Guitar and piano lessons

Both girls are in the “Creative Chefs” 4-H club and work on various workbooks throughout the year. They will give a yearly presentation on their workbook projects.


Love this. Last year was our first year and I’m trying to make sure I keep traction this year. I have a rising 6th, 4th and 1st grader!

We used Math U See (love) and BJU English (like, but switching this year) last year.

I’m glad to hear you like Home Art Studio, I bought it for this year!

What is your schedule like? I feel like you fit more in than I can! :slight_smile:

I don’t teach all these subjects everyday. We will do Bible 2 mornings a week and alternate with History the other 3 days. My husband teaches science 2-3 evenings a week, so it’s not counted in my “school day hours”. Geography is new for us this year, I will have to keep you posted on how this goes. Literature is also 2 days a week. I really enjoy COAH unit studies. They can be paced how ever you like. Spanish is on Tuesday and Thursday mid morning. Our tutor usually spends about 30 minutes with the girls. (Enough time for me to get some chores done) As for Art and Music, we alternate weeks. It’s whatever my girls are up to. I consider Spanish, Art, and Music electives. We do have what we call “Daily’s” They include Math, Spelling, English and Vocab. These are subjects the girls do everyday. I write out the days work on a dry erase board, the girls then check off their subjects as they are completed. My oldest is VERY self motivated and will finish in a timely matter. My youngest…well, we’ve had some long days waiting on her to complete school work!:unamused: I give my girls a copy of their weekly schedule on Sunday evenings, this way they can see what school work and extra curricula activities are planned for the week. My oldest loves it, she is a planner and is beginning to take responsibility for her schedule. I hope this helps!