Writing with Ease

I am looking for a new writing curriculum for the next school year. We used WriteShop Primary A and B this year for first and second grade. While I can’t say I dislike it exactly, I just didn’t find it a good fit for my family. It was very time consuming and while the kids learned from it there wasn’t enough direct writing skill taught that I was looking for. The lessons are also longer and my kids prefer/work better with shorter lessons. So I am searching for a new curriculum.

We use First Language Learners for grammar and I have seen it suggested to go with Writing with Ease for a writing program. I’ve done some research and it seems like it will be what I need and am looking for. However I have found that hearing from others who have used it helps a lot more than simply reading about it. I don’t know anyone who uses it so I can’t get my hand on a text to look at.

I will be using it with a high first/low second grader and a third grader. How do I choose the level that I need for each child?

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You might take a look at Steck-Vaughn Core Skills series. The two titles that we are using are “Language Arts” and “Writing”. These are short lessons - usually one page with the specific skill explained and then a short practice, of 2 to 6 examples to work through using the skill. The workbooks are available for each grade 1-8.
My source for these is Rainbow Resources:
Also this search will pull up more titles that you may find helpful because of the easy, short format of each lesson.
This website will allow you to preview the table of contents and some pages.
My boys like these workbooks because each lesson is not overly long. They gain new understanding with each lesson and because it requires writing, end up reviewing previously learned items.

Thanks for the idea. I will look into the writing workbooks. I don’t need grammar, we have that covered, so I don’t need a full language arts program. Just the writing piece.

I’m looking into this writing curriculum for next year also, I’d love to hear what feedback users have for it.