Writing in workbooks?

This coming school year i will start homeschooling my daughter in 2nd grade,I have a preschool son as well. I was wondering what everyone does as far as writing in the workbooks when you know you may use them again with another child down the line? should i just let her write in them and then when my son gets their buy him new ones?? i’m looking to save some money… but then i might not even like the Curriculum once he gets to 2nd and want to use something else?? any tips and ideas would be great! Thanks!

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Honestly we just write in the workbooks. I figure the amount of money I would spend to photocopy the pages is the same if not more than it would cost to buy another workbook. Not to mention the time and effort needed.
I also am not sure I will use the same curriculum for all of my children as they have different learning needs and styles. I could photocopy or find a way to reuse the workbooks only to learn I never need them again anyway.
And some companies don not allow you to photocopy their pages. I think it is part of the copyright, although I am not positive on that one.

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You could have them write their answers in a notebook. That is what my son will be doing next year from his textbooks. I wouldn’t photocopy for the reasons mentioned above. If it is an inexpensive workbook I would just have let my son write in it knowing that there are always decent options available for those.

I let him write in them. It is easier and I figure by the time my daughter (who is one) gets to do the first set of books…which is second grade since that’s when we started…there may be different versions and she may learn differently and use other curriculum. We get things at used sales and it keeps cost down.

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We tried the photocopying thing this year and it was a PAIN. Time consuming, tedius, and possibly pointless. I don’t think I’ll be doing it again.

I’ve heard of people who put page protectors on the pages and then use wipe off markers to do it too. Maybe someday we’ll try that.

For now though, my son much prefers to work in the books. He is just so much more cooperative that way than on worksheets or print-offs. So it’s in the books for us… for now.

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Yep, we just write in the workbooks as well. I tried photocopying but the time it took was huge and I think in the long run it was probably cheaper to just buy a new book.

Hi! We use page protectors for almost everything. I got a ton of dry erase markers. We slip the page protector over the page - answer what needs answering, then erase. I’m saving a bundle by not having to buy things twice, and I’ll even be able to sell the books when we are done. The only exception is when there is a test or paper or something I want to keep. In that case I make a copy of the page (two copies actually - I slip the second copy into the book so its ready for the next child to use in a few years!) :slight_smile:

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i haven’t starting homeschooling yet… do i need to keep workbook pages?? im new to this!

Hey Mamafe,
Some states require more documented paperwork than others. I do NOT keep everything (in fact, as I posted earlier, I have my daughter use a page protector and dry erase marker for all of her daily worksheets). I have a binder that has dividers in it for spelling, math, grammar, etc. Whenever we have a math test, spelling test, etc, I grade it and slip it into the binder - these (along with written stories, projects, etc) are the only pieces of paper I keep. This way if ever I had to show documentation, I have an easy go to spot with the most important pieces. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

I have do and have done both writing in workbooks and photocopying over the years. I would lean toward writing in the workbooks. Keeps things more organized and concise for me and my kids have ownership. Consumables do seem to be less costly than having to purchase paper, ink etc.

As cheap as some workbooks are, I just have the kids use them & then if I want them for another child the next time I just purchase a new one. I have a friend who just buys the cheap spiral notebooks & has her kids write the answers in them instead of the workbooks. It works for her, but I don’t always use the same curriculum with each one of my kids because of their learning styles.

I photocopied a whole thick workbook last year. What a pain it was! It slowed us down and then at the end of the year I thought that by the time my son can use the workbook that I copied the information could be old or not even a good fit for him. I won’t do it again! But, I think that @triton17 idea of using page protectors is awesome. I wish I would’ve thought of that last year!

Itried to make a copy to save but it was a pain. SO, we write in them. Then I write with a big marker Completed and the date and the kid puts stickers on the front. They have a sense of accomplishment and then I file it away. Then, I buy new.