Writing a homeschool mission statement

Any tips on how to get started on this? I really want to make one for all of us as a reminder. Anyone want to share theirs?

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@erica has a family mission statement printable available for download if that helps…

I agree that a Mission Statement is paramount! Especially for those difficult, doubtful times. Interestingly, ours has changes slightly over the 10 years we have homeschooled, as our children have grown and we have learned to value home education for more and varying reasons. We just pray and re-evaluate every year and either keep it the same of tweak a few things.
Blessings ,donna

It’s not really a mission statement per say, but Hubs and I are working on a FAQs sheet. We are basically listing out any concerns we have with homeschooling and then addressing them topic by topic. I will put the sheet at the front of my lesson plan book and refer to it on those days that I am feeling overwhelmed. Once we are done with the FAQs sheet, we will probably simplify it into one sentence.

So far, questions we are addressing are: Why are we homeschooling? What will we do if I don’t feel qualified to teach a particular subject? How will this work in our budget? How do WE define socialization and what is its importance? What boundaries/rules/discipline will we set for our family?