Write name on every single paper?

Do you have your child write his/her name on every paper or worksheet??

I have a binder for my Saxon math worksheets and don’t really feel it is necessary to have my child write the name on every worksheet. However we do date every worksheet. But then I feel like the practice of writing the name may be helpful. What are your thought and what do you do??

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I don’t. He knows how and that is what is important to me. It is a struggle for him to do the required writing so I try to cut out the “busy work” as much as possible.

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No. I have them write their name on lots of worksheets when they are learning it, but once it is mastered, I don’t. I don’t see the purpose since we aren’t in a class of 20 kids, all with the same work. They know when they see Name_____ what that means.

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I like to have them write it as much as they can simply because I need to differentiate between them. I do also make sure they read the directions carefully in their work becuase they usually think they know what needs to be done but make mistakes.


I do. I have four kids and it helps keep papers straight.They name and date their paper while I find my place in the teacher manual or get supplies rounded up. Keeps them busy and focused for the minute or two I need for the next lesson!


I do always have my kids write their names on their papers. When I was in college I couldn’t believe the number of teens and adults that would forget to write their names on their worksheets and notes that were to be collected by the professors, so I just want it to be a good habit they have!


I’ve wondered about this too but feel like maybe it’s good discipline ?

My girls prefer to write their name and date on everything, it has become a habit for them.

I do most of the time - just feels like good practice in writing and for life. But like others have said, I have 3 kiddos handing in papers too, so it helps me out.

As of now, I do not. My first grader knows how to write her first and last name, and she is expected to on some assignments (like her written reports), but we use Saxon also, and I’d prefer she work on mastering the math, not writing her name. I do believe that when she’s a bit older - perhaps 3rd grade, I’ll expect her to write her name and date on every paper that is not a worksheet - because it will be necessary in older grades and college. :slight_smile:

I only have one kiddo so I don’t make her write her name. I know she knows how and neatly so it’s not necessary for us. Usually I date her papers…but I think I may have her date them for me for practice. :smile:


If its in “their” binder, no, but if its potentially goinh to come out of that binder and not be bound together, yes! With 6 kids, I may recognize their handwriting today but a lose sheet minths from now, may look like someone elses writing.

I don’t (I school only 1 child though). Recently I started having him write the date on each paper. He alternates writing Feburary 25, 2015 vs 2/25/15…

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Nope…I have them do it once a day at the beginning in the journals.

Nope, but I do have them put the date on every paper!

I didn’t, but now that mine are in highschool, I’m starting to get nervous–dd never remembers and she’s 16! I’ve told her if she forgets in college, she’ll get a zero! DS who is 18 remembers now! Hopefully she will before she graduates, or at least when the time comes!

I have been thinking about this for a couple of weeks. I remembered writing the date in grade school, and thought it was time for my daughter. Really like the alternating of the two dates. Thanks for the added idea, she gets bored with the same thing over and over, so I like to mix things up!

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