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World's Greatest Composers

I’m starting my planning for next year, and I’m looking at using a few of the composer units. Any suggestions on where to find good classical music to go along with the units?

I was trying to think of the website in which I had seen some composers studies / resources and I found it!

It looks like they offer a music CD and coloring book combo. There are 3 sets available. You could look to see if the composers you’re studying are included in any of these or you could use it as a guide for choosing the composers you will study.
There are many other options in the first link too. I hope this helps!

Edited to add:

And I wanted to mention that through the interlibrary loan system you should be able to find some music CDs, in case your local library does not have them. :slight_smile:

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Hi @GC123! I loved these music suggestions as we are looking into adding Composer Studies next year. I was wondering if you have used the Beautiful Feet music set (the complete collection)? I’ve looked at several of the resources individually and I like what is there. I wondered if you had any personal experience with the books/CDs? :slight_smile:

Hi @Forchristandkids!
No, I haven’t any experience with those - sorry! I have looked briefly into some of it and it sure looks like a fun study to undertake and great materials to learn from. But we may pick and choose what to use instead of using the whole thing.

I have in mind to use Homeschool in the Woods’ Composers Activity-Pak along with a study of the composers later on when we study them in with our history curriculum.

Please let me know what you come up with for your studies!