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I work for a corporation in town, I used to work in office M-F 8-430. Then two years ago I had the opportunity to work from home for the same company. Now I work from home, 8-430 M-F without the commute! The bad thing is, it’s still corporate America and I’m still stuck at my desk working attentively and I can’t have children, or family interruptions or it can cost me my job. luckily I’m BLESSED to have my MIL lives next door and keeps my son during work hours. Being said, having a steady homeschool schedule willl be a challenge with most day hours sucked into working.

Any WAHM SAHMs have suggestions on evening homeschooling? OR even using Sat and Sun as two main homeschool days?

*also he’s 4 turning 5 after the kindergarten enrollment day. He’s going to be prek, but this is our year to experiment routines and learning styles etc

I’d say to maybe get some curriculum that is independent todo while at grandmas. At least some subjects like math (teaching textbooks) and maybe English or something todo daily, Luke BJU distance learning or even Moby max or reading eggs/math seeds. That way at least 2 major subjects are covered during the day. Even something simple like that makes a huge difference.

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Thanks for the info! I’m lost in the world of curriculum… so lost haha. I’ll check those out and see if they are a fit. I think that’s a good idea, have something done during the day with Grandma. It takes a Village right?

I agree with the first post. Having something to do at Grandma’s will split up school work for your son too, and I know with my kids, breaks are so important to help them stay focused! We use Math-U-See and that could be done there. Or, if Grandma likes to cuddle up and read with him already, maybe send some “learn to read” books along with him, too.

There are a lot of people that homeschool on weekends too due to work schedules and whatnot, so like you said, that’s a good option! We have used weekend days as well, just going with the flow of my husband’s work schedule. One of my homeschool friends does school in the afternoon/evenings all the time too. Her kids just focus better after they’ve gotten a lot of energy out in the morning. I know you mentioned doing it in the evening, and it is a great idea!

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It wouls also help to know what age your child is and what grade they are in? Theres a few good books out there to check out to help with curriculum, Cathy Duffys top 102 picks (she has a website too), Ruth Beechicks Three R’s, Homeschool year by year, and The well trained mind. Depending on your kiddos age/grade/skill, it makes a huge difference in what you need to teach. What are your states requirements? I live in a state that is pretty laxed on things like this, and I believe that kids under 5th grade just need Math,Reading and Writing on a daily basis, all other subjects (history,science,social studies,health,grammar) can be covered by reading aloud to them for 20-30 min daily or even by going to the library and getting lost for a while. Youtube videos are also great and there are a ton of free sites that have fun info too. Usborne = has a Linked section on their site where you can search stuff and videos come up that are kid safe and friendly. Also Brain Pop Jr/Brain Pop is a fun educational site with games/videos/quizzes too, its secular though and so I just watch for those videos with my kiddos.

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I watched a lot of the Math U See reviews and it likes awesome. Thanks for the advice!

True! He’s 4.5 and will be preschool this year, so we are fresh and new to this whole world. (Even though I’ve obsessively researched sense he was like 6 months old lol). We spend lots of time at our local libraries so we’ve got that down and are always learning. Thanks for the site suggestions I’ll check them out.

Oh sooo young! For that age I’d recommend star or abc if you do iPad time. If not then the two things I’d recommend are simple and easy to use. All About Readings PRE level, and Kate Snows Preschool math at home book/course. Both can be covered in 30-1hr daily and will cover everything you need for the basics! There’s also a ton of free stuff if you like to plan and put things together. I prefer to pay for convenience when it comes to stuff like that. You could also get Erica’s preschool pack and just send fun printables to grandmas to color/dot dot marker/glue and stuff like that! I’d personally send 2-3 books for grandma to read to him, a puzzle, and a craft daily. All ready and easy for her and keeps him busy. Also I’d get a preschool workbook at costco or on amazon and send that too, just for fun!
It would only take you a bit to do math and the AAR lesson after work and before bed :slight_smile:
You could also take the suggestions from reading lists and pick them up from the library and send them to grandmas to have her read to him. Or send a different sensory bin each week, with corresponding numbers and letters that you do at night in the curriculum! Tons of ideas. The purple alphabet on YouTube has a ton of good videos and Erica’s preschool videos are awesome too! Just keep it simple and everyone will prosper!


We’ve abc moused and he was not a fan. He is overly proficient at iphones, Xbox, gaming and abc mouse was a little slow to my desensitized overly stimulated kid. (Don’t judge my sons screen time lol, we’re a hard core gamer family and it’s fun to all play together. Fortnight, titan fall, over watch, even Roblox and Minecraft. He can navigate them all with ease.) I have looked into Kate Snow and I think I’m going to order her book, I like how simple the lessons look. Thanks for the suggestions!!

Such great advice! I work part-time away from home but I feel that it is more of a struggle with my high schooler than my kindergartener and 1st grader. I leave worksheets from Abeka and Math-U-see and even basic Dollar Store workbooks to work on days I’m gone. We follow ambleside online for book suggestions in other subjects and we read a selection each night before they go to bed. Your little guys is still so young so don’t worry about busy too much right now :blush:

Hi! I’m also a working SAHM. Thankfully I can work from home which is nice. I think everyone’s needs are probably a bit different, but I dedicate our mornings/early afternoon to homeschooling. And then I work in the afternoons and evenings if I have to. Once we’re done with school I start with administrative stuff like emails, etc. And then I move into creating content, curriculum, etc. for my site.

I thin the hard part is to just try and keep those two things separate. I really try to be present for my kids during school, I don’t answer emails, etc. during that time. And then when I’m working my kids do try to give me a bit of time because they understand, but I still have just learned to work though distractions :slight_smile:

I also have some curriculum that helps me a bit, so we do take advantage of doing BJU Distance Online Learning for some subjects, but I still don’t work during that time. It just takes some of the teaching load off of me which helps with my overall productivity during the day.

Since you work from home from 8-4:30 you might consider having your kids do some of their work online like I mentioned above, but then maybe save some of the things where you need to be present for evenings or late afternoons so that you aren’t missing out on that learning time with your kids. You could also homeschool on weekends if that works for you. I would personally find that a bit challenging because we usually have busy weekends, but if it’s the only time you have, then I would try to make that work. You could do heavy homeschooling things on weekends, then have independent work or online work saved for a couple of the week days.

We homeschool 4 days per week, then they do elective type classes at an options program as well once a week. I also get a TON of work done that one day as well, so if there’s something in your area like that, it might be a nice change for your kiddos and you to have one day where you know you can get things done.

Hope that helps!