Workboxes and independent work

Hi all. I have a 4th grade boy who I think will enjoy workboxes (he tends to get overwhelmed with a list of work to be completed) but I’m also worried about him being able to tackle tasks and be able to prioritize from a list. If I fill the workboxes that doesn’t happen. What do you all think? How have you made this work? Thanks for any advice.

I use the workboxes but I also make a list of what to do. So the workbox is more of a way to keep all of the materials organized, and the list helps them to know which subject they are doing on each day. The order in which they do it is up to them, if they have been prioritizing as they should. If not, I tell them what to do first until they understand what I expect them to do first, next, so forth. Is that helpful?

I love the workbox system!

My kids each have a rolling cart with drawers that are labeled with the subjects and they are also numbered in the order in which I want them completed. When they complete a drawer I have them remove their label from that drawer and put it in the drawer they just completed so they have a visual of the progress they are making.

You can find many examples for free on line. I attach the labels with velcro that I stick onto the drawers. Workboxes have become a must to keep us organized.
Hope this helps :smile: