Word Roots Vocabulary Vs. Vocabu-lit

I was wondering if anyone has used Word Roots and what is your opinion on it? I want something my son- 3rd can do on his own, while I am working with the other kids. I love the idea of learning the meanings of the roots so that they can define words they might have never seen before.
I also have heard good things about Vocabu-Lit, but it does not seem to cover the meaning of different parts of the word.
Any other vocabulary curricula suggestions would be appreciated as well.
We used Wordly Wise in K5 and 1st, and that was ok. We used it in 2nd and did not like it at all. Some of the questions were hard for me to answer because they were so vague. It frustrated my son at times and me as well. Also, it definitely had a non- christian point of view (specifically in the science area.) He did like the puzzles and word matching though. Still, it was a relief when it was finished and I told him we could have a bonfire :wink:

We used wordly wise book 3 this year. I also do not love it. She recently finished it and I bought wordroots beginning for her. I felt like she was just doing the work in wordly wise without really learning anything. woodroots has worked out good so far. I will say that it takes a lot more time and thought than wordly wise. You have to actually think about the questions, because of this I have had to do it with my daughter because it is hard. If you are looking for a solo vocab program I’m not sure it would work. some of the words are hard for me and I have to look in the back. It is a advanced program though and I think it is a great way for kids to learn vocabulary. I haven’t heard of vocabu-lit. Hope this helps

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I found a vocabulary that was all Greek and Latin roots with prefixes. They are taught what a prefix means and then what the root means. Then they put them together for a definition of the word. Some words are familiar, some are not. My son has loved it, and I hear him pulling apart other words all the time. When we are talking, if I say a word he isn’t familiar with, he starts breaking it apart and trying to figure out the meaning. I wasn’t sure about using this at the beginning of the year, but it has worked wonderfully for him. He is in 5th grade.

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Are you talking about word roots or another vocabulary workbook/curricula?

What grade is your girl in? My son is going into 3rd. I think we might give it a try and take it slow. Thanks for letting me know your experience!

She is in 3rd going into fourth. I think it is a really good vocabulary program. We have enjoyed doing it together. I like it much better than wordly wise. Best of luck