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Wolsey Hall Oxford

Hi everyone,
I’m so glad & honored to be part of such a beneficial homeschooling forum such as this forum. I would like to know if any of you is familiar with the Wolsey Hall Oxford? If so, would you kindly share your experience? The reviews on both Google & Facebook are great … couldn’t find a single negative review anywhere but there’s not much information about the lessons (how easy or how difficult), the assignments, the exams, how much time on average does a kid need to finish their daily work, etc. Any information will be highly appreciated.

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yes we use Wesley haLL OXFORD
we also use my online schooling from the UK
ask me anything

Hi, that’s great to hear. Since you have used both Wolsey Hall Oxford & Myonlineschooling. I have a number of questions for you:

  1. Which one of them is easier to implement?
  2. Which one is more organized?
  3. Which one offers a more rigorous curriculum and therefore needs more time & work?
  4. Which one offers more flexibility?
  5. Which one has better staff and teachers?
  6. Which one do your kid(s) prefer? and why?
    I’m sorry if I’m asking too many questions, you’re the only person I found who have tried both programs : ) I would love to hear about your experience and you kid(s) experience with both schools. Any help will be highly appreciated: )

My online schooling our live classes let my children love I wouldn’t say that you could put them in an English class and that was all they needed because they only meet twice a week and so you can’t get everything I am but it does teach them how to be with other children so to speak and have different teachers and so on the Wesley Hall is very much on the computer for the mom and tells you what to tell them to do every day and how to help them the thing I liked about it is that they are writing assignments every four weeks which you scan and they grade so it’s pretty good that way we started mine in a very low level because the writing was terrible for Wesley Hall but my love my online schooling

I am happy to tell you about both of the schools and we actually use them both last year for English and my online schooling they used for math and the math is very much advanced from here and I like the way they do things we lived in Australia and it’s very similar curriculum to that I don’t care for American curriculums but you can email me at if you want to chat further about this