Why am I interested in homeschooling?

Why am I interested in homeschooling? What is my specific plan for my child’s education? And, what do I hope to achieve by homeschooling my child? These are 3 questions I’m faced with and I’m not sure I have concrete or acceptable answers for them. I mean, I know why. The answers sound good in my head, but are my reasons and answers justified? Will they be accepted by the charter school we are hoping to become a part of? What if they say my reasons aren’t good enough and we are declined enrollment? Am I worried for nothing?

If the charter school doesn’t like your reasons, I’d say find a charter that’s a better match. You want one that will truly be an asset to your homeschool and benefit to your family. Are you required to use a charter school in your state? If not, I’d also consider schooling without one. Every homeschool is unique, and reasons for homeschooling tend to be unique as well. Find a charter that supports your family’s vision for schooling.


I totally agree with Merry.
Also, We as parents want what is best for our children. I am sure you have discovered that homeschooling is only a natural option for parents who want to be the ones in charge of their children’s education, and their entire upbringing. Even if you send them to school, you are the one responsible for their education but you just don’t get to choose or say a whole lot. And that’s not good in my opinion. I love being a mother, and for me homeschooling is just part of it.
And did I say that I totally agree with Merry? :smile:


I am not sure what your state requires, but I home school my children and do it all myself. No charter, no online, I teach them and they learn… I keep a record book just like a public teacher would and hand out grades the same. Everyone is different and not everyone can do home school the same as others. This is the style that worked for us and I hope that you find the style that works for you and your family.

Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement and advice! I really appreciate you taking the time to reply. Bless you all!

Hi! I find that coming up with a vision for our homeschool helped tremendously in not only keeping us on target, but also reminding us why we started homeschooling when we have bad days.

Here are a few posts I did on that topic that might help :smile:

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Hope that helps! Erica