Where's the best place to buy printer ink?

With all of the printing going on in our homeschool, we’re always looking for affordable places to buy ink!

I normally get mine on Amazon, but I’m curious if you have found better prices somewhere else!

For right now, we buy it from Walmart, but we’re probably going to have to upgrade our printer, because it’s several years old. Technology changes sooo quickly!

We also order ours from Amazon. Its around $5 cheaper than Walmart and $11 cheaper than Staples. I’ll buy it at Walmart if I need it right away.

I recycle my used HP cartridges at Staples when they are offering 4.00 per cartridge. You can do up to 5 at a time, and it gives me 20.00 to put toward my next ink purchase. I do have to really keep an eye on my ink levels though, and be sure to catch the 4.00 rewards. As far as I’ve seen, this is only an HP deal. If I’m in a pickle, I use Amazon. Comes out about the same.

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We do Amazon as well. I would really like to upgrade to a laser printer, but the cost of the ink for those is scary! We go through ink so fast on HP though… :confused:

I order direct from hp. There are always coupons through email, and if you are an hp “member” you get an additional percentage off. Plus, it is mailed fed ex the next day, free shipping. Included are postage paid envelopes to return your used cartridges to hp. Very convenient.

I do the rewards program through Office Max and buy HP ink. They have the more expressive cartridges labeled “XL” that I buy, and it takes forever for use to go through them.

I buy all my ink on eBay! I was worried that I would get junky ink because you can buy ink at insanely low prices and I wasn’t sure that eBay would have quality ink. But, after buying ink on eBay for about 3 years I’ve only had an issue with the ink one time and I’ve still saved a ton of money.

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I buy ink at Cartridge World.

Ebay. I have an inkjet. I get the refilled ones. Sooo much cheaper! I was paying around $60 for black and all colors needed from Wal-Mart. On ebay I pay about $10 for the same thing.

If you buy certain HP printers, you can participate in HP’s Instant Ink program. You pay a monthly fee (plans start at $2.99 a month) and the printer will order ink when you need it and have it delivered to you. It’s supposed to be a big savings.

I’ll definitely check amazon or ebay… I’m spending too much at Staples… I’m glad for this post info!!

After over 9 years homeschooling and going through g a l l o n s of ink, we finally installed a CIS for our HP printer. We spend between $40-80 per year!!

Ebay has many vendors, but we found this one to be the most reliable and helpful:

DIY inks

I hope this helps someone out there save some mula cheese!

Ebay or Amazon are the best places my family has found.

Could you please tell me what is a CIS?

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