Where to go after you finish AAR

My daughter is just about to finish AAR level 4. She is going into the 5th grade. Just wondering where to go from here as far as a reading curriculum??
She may still be behind her “grade level” because she is dyslexic. She has progressed so much but just not sure where to go now.

If she’s reading the readers fluently, then I’d move on to simple chapter books, or anything that she likes to read! Keep it simple and fun. Usborne has really nice animal science readers and pathway readers are nice too.

This Reading Mama has great book lists for struggling readers. Here is an example https://thisreadingmama.com/high-interest-low-readability-books-struggling-readers/ I have tried some of those titles with my kids and loved them.

I also suggest Abeka’s reading comprehension skill sheets. They are one page passages with reading comprehension questions on the other side.

Check out What Happens after AAR 4.

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