Where do you do school?

Of course, most of our school is done in our “classroom”, (dining room,lol)! But from time to time I like to change it up a bit and take a blanket to the woods and find a spot or sit out by our pond. What are some places you have all done school? Just to change it up a bit!


We take our books to the beach and read for a bit, then play for a bit.


I love this topic!

We have our “school room” - which is my study/library and our kitchen as well. To change things up we go outside and read and study on the trampoline, or lawn. We’ve also gone to the public library.

The kids also can go anywhere in the house as long as they work. They can go to their beds, or to the living room. :slight_smile:


I love this topic too! They just made a new kids park out in the country here about two years ago! I was super excited because it has a pavilion with shaded picnic tables, park equipment, and a track that goes around the kids equipment. We love it because we can go and walk at the track, play at the park, and sit at the tables for lunch and work. (I especially love it because I can walk while the kids play and I an still keep my eye on them.) And since we homeschool we usually have it all to ourselves! We have actually had school at the park about 30 times this year. Its been so much fun to play and do some work, play, and work. The kids love it when we wake up and its sunny and warm outside!


I love these ideas, but how do you guys make it practical? With 3 kids we have so much crap! :joy:

What a fun question! Unfortunately, we have to stay indoors, away from the windows. My daughter had her “desk” area in front of a window last year, and she just couldn’t focus. This year I moved her and her brother to the other side of our “learning room” (nothing fancy) - not near the window and the focus is MUCH better. I’ve tried our porch, yard, stream, library and park in the past, and NOTHING gets accomplished. I envy all of you with kids that have the ability to focus somewhere neat. I remember when I was a teach I would take my entire class outside on gorgeous days and we’d have class under a tree - I thought that was what I would do in homeschool, but it just hasn’t worked for us. :slight_smile:


When we go some place special we usually don’t do all of our work for that day. One time when we went to the library we did our math, literature, and reading. Another time when we went outside, we did our science, which was a unit on flowers and trees. That way, like you said, we are not packing around tons of different books and curriculum for 3 kids! :slight_smile:


I have three too! We definitely can’t do every subject at the park because we do have some things that would just require a suitcase to take with us! On park days we either do whatever subject is going to take a lot of equipment before we go or when we return. (I like to do things that require a lot of materials before we go because they are more motivated to stay focused in the morning and are less focused on our return home!)

What I usually do is put individual worksheets or small workbooks and reading books in an accordion folder. It may be easier for us to take work with us in my folder because I always perforate out our worksheets versus keeping pages in the entire book. (Like our Math U See pages.) I bought three clipboards at the dollar store so the kids have a smooth hard surface to work on. Each of the kids has a pencil box with supplies. They also have their own book bag, Ironically they were really excited when we bought them book bags because we didn’t have a use for them before working at the park!

So on park days they grab their bag, clip board and pencil box and water bottle. I pack lunches, and put all of our worksheets in my accordion folder and any books I may need in my book bag- grab some sunscreen and we are off! At this point we will have already finished any science experiments. Also, I have a few of those three ring zippered pencil bags so if I know I will need some teddy bear counters or something like that I’ll toss some teddy bears in the zipper bag and toss them in my bag.


Oh how I would LOVE to live close enough to a beach to go do school!! Lucky you!

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Love going to the park to do school! But I’d say we get more playing done than anything!! That’s ok though!!