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When to use Road Trip USA and Expedition Earth

My daughter is starting second grade this fall, I feel like I’m behind with including Geography. We’ve done some Little Passports (world geography) and she knows a handful of states. We have a full history and science curriculum (History Odyssey and Real Science Odyssey), so I’m planning to use these just for Geography. How would you structure them? Which one should you start with? I was thinking I would start with RTUSA and just go until we finish and then switch over to EE. But I’m not sure of how they should be used ideally. TIA!!

Hi! Road Trip USA and Expedition Earth are both full year curriculum that should be done separately. I normally suggest starting with Expedition Earth, it is a little better for younger kiddos with more fun crafts, recipes, songs, and the like.

Road Trip USA contains a bit more memorization and handwriting work due to the state symbols, capitals, and major landmarks. So it’s a little better to do that the following year when your student is a bit older.

But that’s just my recommendation :slight_smile:
Hope it helps!

Thank you Erica!! That’s what I’ll do!