When is the best time to sell used curriculum? And where should you sell it?

When is the best time to sell your used or unused curriculum? What are the best sites/places for selling curriculum? Thanks!

I feel like to make the most profit start selling in summer, late May/June, and continue selling through late July/early August. Sell on eBay, or try homeschoolclassifieds.com, or list on this forum!:yum:

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I try to sell mine after the first of the year and again in the summer. Personally, I buy all my curriculum after the first of the year with tax money so that’s why I try to list it then. Homeschool classified is a good place as well as old schoolhouse magazine fb page. Now, of course, this forum. I’ve had great success in the short amount of time it’s been around.

I also buy mine with tax money, but I sell in summer…I see a higher turn around in summer:) have you sold on this forum? eBay? I like selling on eBay, but the fees start to get to be a little much:/

I’ve sold AAS level 1-4 on here. :blush:

I usually try to sell locally first (no hassle with shipping!), and then whatever doesn’t sell there I’ll list online. Homeschool Classifieds, Vegsource, Well Trained Mind, and occasionally other homeschool boards.

I usually sell in July. I have had a lot of success using Ebay.

We are fortunate to have a homeschool store near us. Half of the store is new curriculum, while the other half is used curriculum. I believe they consign the materials. I doubt you get as much this was as selling it on your own, but It certainly cuts some of the selling hassle out.