When does your day start?


This probably sounds like a silly question, BUT I am going to ask anyway. What time do you start your “homeschool day”? Right now we start at 8 am, because that’s when his sister goes to school, but I am thinking of starting 8:30 or 9 next year, because it seems rushed in the mornings even though we get up at 6:30. I don’t know if starting school at 9 would be okay, because most of the world is up and going by at least 8 and I want them prepared for the workforce (starting young) :slight_smile: What do you all think/do?


Our school day actually starts AFTER lunch. We have one medical special needs child on peritoneal dialysis and he gets better, more restful sleep in the morning after his dialysis is completed. We ease into the mornings between 10:30 and 11:00 with chores and food, then we do our school lessons. We tried for earlier, but the feeling of rushing and the issue of chronic fussiness and tiredness caused us to evolve into a later start with a more happy and manageable day.


My husband works an odd shift so we don’t start school until he leaves for work at 10:30 am. That way the kids can spend time with dad in the morning since he isn’t home in the evening. We also school Tuesday through Saturday to follow my husband’s schedule! Homeschooling allows that flexibility. I certainly think you could start your day a bit later with no harm done! We still get up early and have a set morning routine. We also have things like church and our kids extracurricular activities that we prepare for and model being on time and ready. I think you’d be fine to give yourself some breathing room :slight_smile:


Thanks ladies :slight_smile: I think next year we will definitely go with a later day, especially since I will have 2 to homeschool.


Our homeschool day starts at varying times…we do not have a consistent schedule. It is a blessing for our family to be able to homeschool this way. I have a special needs son who has therapy three or four times a week and we do not start school until after his therapy. Most days it is 1130 at the earliest that we start to homeschool. One of the joys of homeschooling is having a flexible schedule that works for your family.


We are truly so relaxed about it in my home. I have tried the Manager of their Homes book to schedule out our day and that just isn’t our style.

My two youngest usually wake up by 7-7:30. Often my 2nd grader will do all he can of his work alone. My 11 year old will often get up and get to hers too. My two oldest girls, however, start when they start! lol My 9th grader has the hardest time getting to her work and getting it done. she would much rather practice piano, clean their room, take a bath, etc. :stuck_out_tongue:

We also have piano lessons Monday morning 9-11, so that’s a rough way to start a week. :stuck_out_tongue: We have co op Friday from 9-1. Between those and any other appts that pop up and grocery shopping, we do school. :slight_smile:


We have been both scheduled and more “go with the flow.” For us, a happy medium is best. If it’s too “go with the flow”, then we start pretty late and the kids get anxious that their day is lasting so long. If we are too scheduled, it starts to lose the fun and benefits of homeschooling. The public school here starts at 7AM :open_mouth: , so anything later than getting up at 6am is wonderful! Our happy medium allows them to get up whenever, have breakfast as they like, as long as they start by 9am. Sometimes one will get up early and get going at 7:30am, other days they both sleep in and start at 9, okay sometimes 9:15 :wink: If we go later than that, the day starts dragging and they want to play with friends in the afternoon. You’ll find what works best for you. For us it took 3 weeks to “find out groove.” :slight_smile: Good luck and enjoy the freedom to plan as you choose!


I have older kids going to public school too…by the time I get back from dropping them off it’s 8:30 usually. But we don’t start until 10-11 am most days.

I need some time in the morning to wake up, prep, and collect my thoughts. Plus he doesn’t have breakfast until after I get back from taking his brothers to school most days.

My husband doesn’t leave for work until 10 and is home later at night, so it allows everyone to have a later night and spend more time with him.


We rarely start before 10 a.m. We wake up on our own, head downstairs for breakfast, do some morning chores and then begin school. I have relaxed a lot since we first began!


I also thought we needed to get started “early” but realized NONE of us are morning people! I usually wake the kids up by 9 if they aren’t already awake and we try to start school by 10 :slight_smile:


We start school around 7 or 7:30 when my son wakes up. He self starts and does a bit of independent work (handwriting, reading or computer) until his sister heads to school at 9. We fit breakfast in there before she is dropped off then get into the main teaching after 9. One of the great things about homeschooling IS the flexibility! It’s wonderful not to be tied to a set schedule. We have been known to take a day off mid week and do school on a Saturday when their Dad has to work. I know of a family that school’s at night - kids function better later, so they went with it! Enjoy your flexibility. :smile::tada:


During the year we aim for 10:00, though it’s sometimes as late as 10:30 or 11. In summer we may not start until 1 or 2 pm…it’s very flexible.


I’ve tried getting up early and starting early, but a set schedule just doesnt work for us. I have one in kinder, so I feel like lots of breaks and a more relaxed schedule work best for her. I want her to want to learn and to enjoy it, not feel forced. We also school during holidays, summer and on saturdays depending mainly on my husband’s schedule. When he’s off we are too (he’s a cop, very crazy hours). That to me, is one of the many blessings of homeschool.