When do you typically start school for the year and end?

Wondering when everyone typically starts and ends school and also what days or weeks do you schedule off?

I don’t have a typical, we are not required to keep track of days of schooling so I don’t usually. When my oldest was younger we started the week after her birthday (she’s a September baby) that lasted a few years. The last couple years I’ve made my kids start in mid August so we could take all of December off, that has been fun. We end by June first, sometimes a week earlier.
Spring break at the same time as local public schools is the only regular break we take :smile: I didn’t realize how random our schedule has been until I tried writing it down.

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We start school on the Tuesday after Labour Day weekend in September, take three weeks off at Christmas, and finish up by the end of May. I teach Monday to Thursday with every Friday off, though we quite often do a field trip or extra-curricular class that day.

Last year we started in July because the weather was terrible and we were bored! We ended in March I think. This year we started in September just after labor day. We took 3 weeks at Christmas, and a week in October. We don’t typically take days off unless my husband is off work. We will finish at the end of May or beginning of June this year.

Are you required to do school a certain amount of days a year?? i’m required to do 180 days and 900 hours

My situation is unique, because I have boy/girl twins who attend a public high school (and are doing great there), but I homeschool my youngest. So when they go to school, she does, too. Having said that, even though they don’t go to school in the summer, we do math & reading year round (although summer is mostly spent doing math review, not new work). Thus, we start mid-August and end the last week of May. We get her portfolio reviewed for work during that time.

We live in BC, Canada and do not have any requirement for days or hours. We do however have to follow government learning outcomes (they guide what we teach at each grade level) but we can choose the curriculum and how we teach it.

Does anyone know what Texas laws are about homeschooling?

This is our first year.
We started halfway through August with four day weeks. After Labor day we went up to five day weeks. We have taken time off here and there for holidays and my husbands vacation from work. We are also taking five days off in May for a family vacation.
With all of that we will hit the magic day of 180 somwehre around the second week of June. I can’t give an exact date because I am unsure of how many days we will do in April (husband has another break that
I do not plan to do school full time during the summer but I also don’t plan to take two months off either. I think we will do 2-3 mornings a week. A little math review to keep up, reading and then some unit studies based on interest or maybe FIAR. I am not sure yet. If we do that I won’t have to worry about the number of days as much next year but will still plan on ending full time school around the middle of June.

Thats a good idea to do math review in the summer… My daughter Loves to read so we will do that stuff too. maybe i will find some games and stuff to do in the summer to keep her fresh for when we start for the year

We usually keep our schedule close to the public school schedule. However if we are having a bad day or have something planned then we make it up another day or at the end of the year. And we do our library’s reading program and keep reading all summer.

I am also required 180 days and 900 hours. I’m in NY and I have to report to the district every quarter, so I follow the public school schedule:/

I start first Monday in July and end first week in May. We will be schooling 6 wks on 1 week off this coming year because my son got burnt out alot this year so far.

Yay another Canadian! Hi!!! I’m in ontario! We don’t have a required anything here, but we choose to do year round schooling because it just helps us keep up momentum. However summer time is less structured and we try to do trips etc…