When do these curriculums go on sale?


Good evening, ladies :slight_smile: Does anyone with knowledge of Alpha Omega and/or Apologia know if/when their products go on the biggest % sale? With 2 kiddos to homeschool now and quitting my job, $$ is very tight. Right now they are both on sale, but 20% is the highest I’ve ever seen either of them go.


Hi! I have a few suggestions for places you can find curriculum cheaper. Christianbook.com has tons of curriculum and they are usually way cheaper than the other websites. I have also used homeschoolclassifieds.com for years and have never had any problems. You can buy and sell used curriculum from other homeschool families.

Good luck!


I think that might be the highest I’ve seen, also. However, prices for their curriculum (at least for Apologia) are available for much less than the company’s regular price, at www.rainbowresource.com


Rainbow Resource is 20% off for Alpha and Omega right now.


Thank you! I went ahead and bought my daughter’s curriculum at this price awhile back. I don’t think they do more than 20% off.


I second Christian Book. They also mail out a catalog which is nice to use to price compare and what not. If you have any nearby homeschool conventions that you can attend, I highly recommend that as well. Vendors will have a convention discount and the one I attend always has a great used curriculum sale.