What's your favorite spring break activity?

Hi everyone! We’ve been on spring break this week. Since my husband didn’t have the luxury of taking a week off, we stayed home, but still did a lot of fun activities this week! Here’s our schedule for the week:

Monday: Denver Museum of Nature & Science - Silk Road exhibit, space odyssey, gems & minerals.
Tuesday: Movie Day! We saw the new Cinderella movie, it was really cute!
Wednesday: Planned a zoo trip, but weather foiled our plans. So we ended up going to Casa Bonita for some indoor excitement with my mom and niece.
Thursday: TBA we’re still debating on what to do for our last day. The kids have co-op on Friday, so tomorrow’s our last day off! Anyone have any good suggestions to end our festivities?

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@erica My family will be on Spring Break next week and we just have one activity planned. If we did something everyday, I might have to take another week to recuperate!

That is one thing I have not done well in our homeschool…field trips and “fun” stuff. I’m convinced I didn’t get any of the “Fun Momma” gene in my DNA!

@erica My family will be on spring break in 2 weeks. We have a week of activities also. We are also going to see Cinderella. My daughter is very excited! My son not so much! We have a Buffalo Farm about 20 miles from here so that’ll be my son’s favorite. We are also going to the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit, MI. Then from Thursday - Saturday we will be in Columbus,OH to see our oldest son who is in college. He is not able to come home for Easter so we are going to see him, but will be back home on Sunday for the Easter bunny to arrive!

Bowling, We love going bowling.

We’re in CA so we love going tide pooling this time of year.

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We are taking the kids to the beach for their first time! It will be a 13 hour drive with 3 kids (7, 4, 1.5), plus a prego mama. I guess we are feeling adventurous, not to mention I am so tired of the cold weather in the Midwest. Hoping the sun will invigorate me and help me through the last couple of month of school and baby.


I’m sure you have you’re go to items for keeping your kiddos happy but with the younger, maybe even the 7 yr old consider bubbles. I think it’s rare to have bubbles in the car and if you crack a window they swirl all a round for extra fun. I have kids about the same # of years apart and it really helped us for when the younger ones didn’t want to be in the car. The older ones would blow the bubbles for the little one until she was old enough. Sure it can be a little distracting but I found it way easier to drive that way then with kids screaming. :slight_smile: Blessings on your trip!