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What's your favorite planner?


@My3beauties, I would love to see your planner. I am considering Heart of Dakota this coming year and would love to hear your helpful tips and anything else you’d like to share about the curriculum. As for the planner, I too make my own. It’s just easier to create one to suit everyone’s own needs! Thanks so much for sharing.


Right now I have the planner rough draft done. I’ll be putting a video together and uploading it to our Facebook page when I am done.

Anything I can help you with re: Heart of Dakota, just ask :slight_smile: Each level has its own Facebook page and we have a Yahoo group. Most moms in the Yahoo group are on the Facebook page :slight_smile:


I like to use Homeschool Planet, it does have a price tag $60/yr. Even on my small HS budget, we always find room for it. It is very easy to use, you enter the class information, how many lessons you have when you want to start & end and it will calculate how many lessons / day. Then when a ‘suddenly’ happens and we have an event to attend or someone is ill. “Click” and all of your lessons can be forwarded to the next day to be included in the next day OR you can shift your entire calendar over. It also tracks attendance, records grades, print transcript and so much more! There is a free 30 day trial too on the Homeschool Buyers Co-OP,


I so wish Erica’s planner was editable, but I think I have found one in the meantime and it is free. It is found on it is totally customizable and editable. They give you the premium pkg. first with all the bells and whistles, then after a period of hopefully getting you hooked -they want you to by it, however if you do not purchase the program I believe all your data is still saved, but you will get switched to the more generic free version. On their website they have free vs premium pkg. so you can see what you are gaining/losing. Did I mention it is FREE and I like FREE :grinning:


I’m using Erica’s for the first time this year, It looks awesome, hoping it works awesome as well! I printed it at home on our laser printer then took it in for binding, I kept the whole thing black and white, not as pretty but cheaper and still functional.


This year I am using a Plum Paper Teacher Planner. I’m excited to see how I can make it work. Last year I made my own with some of Erica’s planner, Tina’s Dynamic & I created some of my own. This year I’m simplifying and just collecting what I need. Last year the hardest thing was for me to track my hours. I’d love to hear how you all keep track of your hours (core, non-core, etc…)


I use excel, so I can fully customize everything.


I used the Ultimate Homeschool Planner for the past two years, but this year switched to bullet journaling usign a Moleskin notebook. I like having my planner and journal integrated into one book that I can easily throw into my purse or backpack.


I just spent an enjoyable hour reading about bullet journaling. As I just recently spent a never-before-have-I-done $50 on a Plum Paper planner (for everything unrelated to homeschooling), I probably will not try it for another year, but the method is very intriguing.


I do bullet journaling in a spiral monthly/weekly planner I found at Target.


I bought a Plum Paper Teacher Planner this year and I love it!!! I also do bullet journaling to keep our house running!


I bought “A Simple Plan” for the 2016/2017 school year. The website had a 20% off coupon too. It is very, very sturdy, with a nice thick cover, and thick pages. It has lots of room and the pages are useful instead of being sheets that you never use.


Thanks for sharing about this planner & the 20% off coupon. I checked today and the coupon is still good till 6-11-16. :slight_smile: