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What's your favorite planner?

I’ve never met a planner that I’ve loved. I want to, I really do. The closest I’ve come is the Daytimer Family Plus. Part of the problem is that I don’t know exactly what it is I want. I do know that I want a hard copy, ink and paper planner. And I do want room in there to actually plan lessons, not just to write this-subject-at-this-time. And a place to plan meals. Any great recommendations of planners that you love?

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@Jen I have found that the “best” planner for me is one I ended up creating myself. LOL. I don’t use my planner as a timer (8am XXX 9 am XXX etc) but I do have it listed by subject - and what we are covering. I plan 1-2 weeks at a time (because progression depends on comprehension). I’m curious to know what others suggest.


I’m going to try the Family Planner from Plum Paper. It has 7 sections to customize so I figure 2 each for my 3 kids will give me space to plan.

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Have you looked at the planner Erica has on her website? I used it last year and loved it. She has lots of pages for all kinds of planning. I’d still be using it today but my husband made me a planner on our computer.

I am trying the customizable Weekly Homeschool Planner this year. First it will cost less and secondly I can customize the pages to be what I want them to be. I am hoping it will work but I too haven’t found one I love yet so making your own or finding one you can customize may be the best option.

I just ordered the Weekly Family Homeschool Planner from Home Educating Family - I hope I like it… I did not realize Erica had one - I might have ordered that if I had known!

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I finally found a planner that really fits my needs and more. It is the Keepers at Home Organizer. It has everything in it.
I have always needed a planner in which I could add my millions of thoughts and ideas and reminders, and this one has a place for it all. I actually end up not needing to scribble all over the pages, and there are some inspiring quotes from the Bible, and slots for writing in things I hadn’t really thought of before but am glad I do now (or will someday hopefully).
Anyway, this organizer/planner comes with the school planner as well, but you’d need to make copies of the pages for every week OR you can purchase the school planner separately and it has about 40 weeks of pages. I still made some copies and added to my binder because I needed a full-year’s worth of weeks, since we school year-round.
I love this planner! - there are 3 pictures there to give you and idea. - there 2 pictures.
You could get the Refill pack instead, and it’s what I have in my own binder and tabs:


I make my own planner every year so that it is exactly what I like and need. I share it with my yahoo and Facebook groups for Heart of Dakota curriculum users (not that it’s just for this curriculum). previously, I would share it as a PDF. However, I’m going to share it as excel documents so that people can edit and customize as needed.

I’m impressed that many of you make your own planners! I’m not that kind of creative.

I use a mix of pages that I create and Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus 7 Step Curriculum Planner. You can look at it here: You can pick and choose what forms you like and need in your planner. You can print everything you need, including cute covers. And ITS FREE! Its a great site too for other information. I laminate my cover and back cover and have it spiral bound.


Erin Condren planners are great!


@Jenny thanks for sharing the link to Tina’s dynamic homeschool. I have been on her site before, but somehow missed some of these great planner pages. I spent all of one day a few weeks ago trying to edit/create ONE page! She had one that I will still alter for how I plan to use it but it’s just what I have been looking for.

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I put together my own planner each year and often use forms from Tina/Dynamic (linked by Jenny) and Donna Young. Great stuff! I’ve found that’s best for me–the pre-printed planners just haven’t ever been exactly what I needed.


Tina’s site is wonderful! Thank you for that recommendation. I ended up piecing together a planner using some pages from Tina’s and some pages from Erica’s. It was great that I could mix and match from the various planners on the Dynamic site. There are school, home managemt, and student pages. I finally feel like I have a planner I love.

I love my Plum Paper planner (from Etsy). My favorite part is it is customizable. I’ve been using it for six months and it’s fantastic.

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@Jen I would highly recommend the Well Planned Day Planner click here It has a room to lesson plan for up to four students, also a place to plan meals, inspirational articles and more. I’ve been using it all school year and intend to purchase another one for next school year. :smile:


For those that have printed your own planners, do you print at home or use an office supply store? I love the option of printing Erica’s but I’m trying to figure out if it’s cost effective.

Hands down agree! Been using WPD for years. :slight_smile:

I am so relieved to hear this! I have ordered mine for next year and can’t wait to receive it to begin planning our first year of homeschooling. There are so many different options out there that I started questioning my order…

I print mine at home. I’m also tossing around the idea to see what it would cost to offer customizable homeschool planners similar to Erin Condren but very homeschooler specific. Hers are 50 bucks and up I would want to do it at a lower price. Because we’re all on tight budgets.

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