What subjects do you teach your kids in 2nd grade

For 1st grade we’ve kept it pretty easy and simple with reading, writing, math, and spelling. We’ll occasionally listen to history in the car and do easy science experiments. But that’s our year.
For next year well add to this but not sure what to add. What subjects do you teach your kids in 2nd grade?

Phonics, Language, Reading, Spelling, Writing, and Math. These are the most important subjects in second grade. We also do Science, Health, and History, but these are mostly readers with some hands-on activities and some answering questions, no tests. We use the Abeka child kit boxes and all these subjects are included. You can add activities like art and foreing language if you want.

We are using Heart of Dakota for 2nd grade. We cover: Reading, Math, Spelling, Handwriting, Science, History, Geography, Language Arts, Art, Bible, Writing (this curriculum this year is not heavy on writing, though), and a little bit of music. We do Math, Reading, Spelling, Bible, LA and History daily and the others are split up throughout the week.

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Our favorite part of our curriculum (which we began in K) is always history and science. We also do math, spelling, grammar, writing, vocabulary, reading, life skills, health, geography, literature, Spanish, typing, art… jeepers, the list goes on and on. It sounds like a lot, but we don’t do all of it every single day. There are certain subjects we do every day, and others that are done 1-2 times each week. It’s not as bad and busy as it sounds based on my list. Overall, we have a lot of FUN! :slight_smile:


I’m in NY, so the state requires I teach a lot! A full English/Language Arts program (reading, grammar, composition, phonics, spelling…), math, history, science, health, art and PE…and some topics have to be taught once before grade 4: NY state history, drug abuse, library skills, etc… I don’t teach everything everyday, so I make it manageable for us:)

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My daughter is in second grade this year. Our schedule looks like this:
Every day
Spelling (aas)
Vocab(horizons and wordly wise)
Reading (aar)
English (bju)
Math (horizons)

Couple times a week
Language (mandarin)
Music (guitar)
She also reads about a hour total a day. She must read from a book i have chosen for thirty minutes at school time and then before bed she reads me a book of her choice.

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It looks like we use similar things, although I’m planning on switching some publisher for next year. What grade is your daughter? The books she reads that you choose, are they related to your history/science, or just for fun books?

My daughter is 7 years old and in second grade this year. I am making a few changes for next year as well. I am going to try homeschool in the woods for history and apologia for science as well as BJU. I think i am going to add the Abeka readers to AAR as well. The books I chose are normally history related. I look at Sonlight for books And this year have made her read lots from their list. Some of the books are just good books i want her to read. If I let her choose she would just pick books about animals and horses which are normally below her level. Some books in her bin currently are The Long Way Westward, Prairie School, The Titanic lost …and found, wagon wheels, encyclopedia brown, boxcar children, Sarah plain and tall and the trojan horse.

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We’re just finishing up 2nd grade - and our schedule is very much like the others above:
Reading, Spelling, Handwriting, Math, Religion (this is only 4 days a week)

MWF: Grammar & History/Social Studies/Geography
TR: Writing & Science

@Lovinsid I just received my Rainbow Respurce order today, in which I have Apologia Atronomy book, and Mystery of History! I have spent the entire school year thus far thinking/researching those 2, they both have come highly recommended, I think they will work out great:)
I also have a lot of the Sonlight books, got the grade 1 books used at an amazing price:) I feel like I’m on the right path:)

We’re just finishing second grade as well. We did:

logic/critical thinking
writing (small amount)
foreign language

For third grade we were planning to add Latin (we ended up starting early) and a more serious writing program (IEW). I’m also adding an independent Bible study.

My daughter just finished 2nd grade: Here was her schedule:
Writing Skills