What subject should i be teaching my kindergarten

What subject should I be teaching my kindergarten

We started homeschooling last year, so we are by no means ‘homeschool veterans’, but I was given the advice to keep it super simple for Kindergarten. We covered the 3 ‘R’s’ - reading, writing, and 'rithmetic :o) (reading, handwriting, and math). It was the best advice I ever got, and I’m so thankful we started out slow and easy!


Personally, I think Kinders enjoy a little bit of history, art, music, and science too! I have had three children in Kindergarten now, and those were the subjects they enjoyed the most.

If you decided to keep it simple, that is just fine too, however, you can easily add in the other subjects without it being too much.

For Science you can just read living science books 1 or 2 times a week- check out Sonlight or Bookshark for science book ideas. - You will be amazed by what your child picks up just by reading to them!

For History - you could do the same thing - find a book about cultures around the world and read to them 1 or 2 times a week.

Music, it could be as simple as finding a folk song CD and learning new songs. Or listening to Classical music during lunch.

Kids love art! Home Art Studio DVD’s, Deep Space Sparkle, Pinterest, all have great ideas.

If you really don’t want a full plate for your kinder, you could even do your core subjects every day - then do ONE extra subject everyday: Music Monday, History Tuesday, Art Wednesday, Science Thursday, Fun project/experiment etc Friday. You get the idea :slight_smile: Remember, Kinders have the capacity to learn a lot!

I hope this helps!

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Sometimes it’s good to look up your state law on homeschooling to see what they require. Ours just states to do the core subjects taught in public school. For kindergarten it’s math, writing, reading/phonics, science, social studies, PE, health, art, music, and computer technology.The only things you do every day are the first 3, the others you may do once week or a few times a month.