What storage unit did you buy for your workboxes?

Hello, I plan on using workboxes next year. However I cannot decide what to buy. If anyone here uses workboxes, what did you buy? And also if you could upload a picture that would be great. I have heard alot about the ten drawer rolling cart, and I’m wondering if thats sturdy. I would prefer not to buy anything from ikea, I just do not like that store at all ( I know…gasp) But would consider going into the labrinyth that is ikea if someone has a great suggestion from there. Thank you for any feedback!!!


This one is multicolored, mine is all clear. But this is what we have, it works well for us. It can get a bit wobbly after a while, but checking the screws might be the solution to that. Also, if you put too many books in a single drawer it can make the drawer come off the side track, if the load is too heavy. I only have that problem with our science drawer because of all that we tend to put in it, so to help with that I try to keep some of the stuff like textbooks on my bookshelf amongst my teachers texts. :slight_smile:
I’m curious to hear what others have found, too.

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@krau We use workboxes for both of our children. We have two of the exact rolling cart sets linked to by @GC123 (we have the same multi color set) and actually purchased the sets at Michaels using a coupon. They aren’t too wobbly for us and we did put them on the wheels that came with them. I have a 2 year old at home and sometimes when we have play dates with other young (or especially curious) children coming over (our drawers are out in our playroom/school room) I actually turn them around backward because we keep some of our supplies (scissors, pencils, erasers, etc.) in the top drawer, and the nice thing is that the drawers can’t be pulled/opened out of the back, so the little ones can’t pull the drawers out and get into the small/dangerous items that way if they are facing with the knobs toward the wall. Ours come off of the track occasionally, but they pop/slide right back on easily (even my kids who are 8 and 5 can do this themselves). I agree with @GC123 that heavier items cause this sometimes, and we also keep heavier textbooks on a shelf nearby. Although lighter reader books (even our All About Reading books or large/thick workbooks) can go into the drawer with no problem. I have even fit 1" binders into the drawers at a slight angle when needed. I also lay library books in there from time to time with no problem. We’ve been using these units for 2 years now with no damage/problems. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


We bought the boxes at Ikea and my husband made the cabinet. We love them. It’s worth the trip. They have shelves you can buy that are already made that fit the bins. The bins are so sturdy.


Wow. I love that. I have seen others similar but yours looks really nice and sturdy.

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Do you find that 8 workboxes are enough for all of the subjects?

They’ve worked out well for us. And nothing beats sturdy home built quality. I like being able to have all the supplies for each subject in each box. Helps me stay organized and on track.

@krau I use workboxes also. I have two of the 20 drawer carts. I wanted to be able to fit all of their subjects into the boxes so I opted for the one with more boxes. I got mine several years ago from OverStock.com The screws on the sides have to be tightened (with an allen wrench) about once a month or it gets a little wobbly.

Very nice! You’ve got me thinking of the possibilities :slight_smile: thanks for sharing!

I bought the 3-drawer storage units from the Dollar General. You can pick your size, and can stack them in top of each other. They work great!

I didnt know dollar general had drawer units. I will have to check that out.

That looks amazing!! I have several family members who do woodworking so I may have to put in a request for that!! Right now with younger kids, we’re using binders with pocket folders in them for their subjects. There’s only a few subjects so it works well for now. However, I know as they get bigger, so will the work load!! Thanks for sharing! :smile: