What Speech Therapy materials do parents find helpful? - SLP asking for advice


I am a Speech-Language Therapist. I have been trying to create a side business by making programs that parents can use to help children work on speech sounds. I’ve had limited success. I’m hoping that you could give me some advice on what parents are looking for when they do need to help with speech sounds or with language skills. If you want, you are welcome to download my speech programs - right now I am simply giving them away to try to get interest and to hopefully get feedback. My site is www.speech-therapyathome.com. I hope it is ok to give my site address.

Let me know what you think - thanks for your help.

My nephew is 5 years old and yet his speech is unclear, because he started to talk very late. We were first worried because he used hand gestures to communicate for a long time, but were relieved when he started with little blabbers. And now he has occurred a writing problem. He mostly gets confused with b, p, d, 9, q, f, and t. He has the problem of identifying these alphabets and the number 9, and often writes the mirror image, otherwise he is fine. To let him speak out, his parents used the following speech techniques - read to him more, give him choices to make, they used to repeat words and name often, sing poems to him. From a service that used to write my essay for me mentioned that making funny noises could help too. That research meant that making funny noises and weird expressions gets children to try to imitate it and can be a good exercise for the face muscles.