What software do you use to make homeschool printables?

I use Adobe Photoshop CS3, but you can use lots of other programs like MS Word, Publisher, and even Powerpoint!

Here’s a post on making your own printables!

What do you use to make your own worksheets and printables?


I have Photoshop elements 11 for scrapbooking but never thought to use it for homeschool. I would LOVE to see a video on how to make homeschool printables!:slight_smile:

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Me too LOL! I used elements for scrapbooking forever before I realized I could also use it to make homeschooling printables haha!

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We use Open Office. It has all the Microsoft word sort of programs, plus a “Draw” one that’s kinda nice and it’s a free download! It has it’s limitations, but works great for my knowledge base and needs.