What order do you do Apologia Exploring Creation series in?

What order have you done Apologias Exploring Creation series in? When I spoke to the company they said they can be done in any order. But I would think the chemistry book would be harder then the astronomy book…I’m trying to figure out an order from easiest to more difficult. (Using with a 1st grader) any advice?

I’m referring to the Young Explorers series:) (astronomy, botany, zoology, etc…)

I started with what my kids were most interested in, which is animals. So we are on the third zoology book, land animals. We are also using the Chemistry and Physics book at co-op. They all seem to be at a 3-5 grade level. I think for younger students if they are interested in the subject they will still be able to follow along and learn but start with what they are already interested in. (My kids were 1st and 3rd when we started)

What the author told me last year at a convention was that the Astronomy, and Animals 1 an 2 (and maybe Botany, I can’t remember) are best for younger students. So we’re going to start with my 1st grader next year on Astronomy.

When I looked last, the ones that could be used for the youngest grades had the regular journal workbook to go with it an also a journal “jr.” version. I haven’t checked back in a while, but that might be a good way to tell.

We’ve used the astronomy and we’re currently using the chemistry (I’m using with a 5th grader). To me, the chemistry would probably be the last to use before transitioning to the higher levels. It’s a bit more difficult :blush:

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Thanks for the info. How awesome to meet the author!!! I think I will end up starting with Astronmy, but then again, Botany would be a great book to start with in spring:)

Jeannie Fulbright is really nice and she has an awesome name! (read: pronounces it just like I do mine :smiley: “Gee-Knee” ) Plus I love that she’s really worked hard to keep these science books centered around Godly creations instead of secular ideas. For us, that’s awesome!