What level of All About Reading?

My son has almost completed Trach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. He is doing great. He will be in first grade next year-doeshe have to do level 1 for All About Reading or can we go ahead to level 2?

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You’ll want to use the AAR 2 placement test to make sure he’s ready for 2.

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I know that with AASPELLING you are supposed to begin with level 1 regardless of age/grade/level, because level 1 lays the foundation of all other levels. I have not used AAR, but I imagine it’s similar to AAS in this regard. Those who feel their child is above level 1 in AAS usually begin with level 1 for the foundation skills and then just move through it at a faster pace. I’d imagine it would be the same for AAR - you can always move faster if necessary. :slight_smile:

I think it depends on how familiar he is with basic phonics rules. The AAR program moves a little slower in my opinion, so if he’s reading okay then you’re probably fine to start with Level 2. AAS Level 1 has the majority of phonics/spelling rules in them, so I’d definitely suggest starting with that level if you end up using AAS :smile: