What is your homeschooling schedule?

Ie. 6 weeks on and 1 day off? Year round? When do you start? And take breaks?

Generally, we start late July or early August. For everyone’s sanity, we mostly stick to the 6 weeks on, one week off schedule. With flexibility, of course, for cheaper family vacation (off season), family visiting, etc. Starting early gives me those “extra” days to make up for those sick days or when we’ve all had it and need a day off. :smiley: Normally take a week off for Thanksgiving and 2-3 weeks off for Christmas. With all that being said, we usually finish with ITBS testing the last week of May. HTH!

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I schedule my full year from January-December. We schedule 180 school days throughout the entire year. Some weeks have 5 days of school, some 4 or less. We live in Wisconsin so usually from May- Septemberish we do only 2-3 days a week so we can be outside and enjoy the warm weather. We also take time off for major holidays and enjoy a nice family vacation in both spring and fall during “off season.” My oldest is in 6th grade and it takes us usually 4 1/2 hours to get through a full school day for him. He knows that if he wants extra time off in a certain week that we might work a couple hours longer or do “night school” (as he calls it :wink: )

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I’ve been thinking of trying this. We took a break this week and it’s been a nice break.

It really is nice. You never know when a unexpected break is needed!

6 weeks on 1 week off. Been doing it for a few months and wish I knew about it from the beginning, it’s a sanity saver lol :slight_smile:


We try to go from Mid July until the end of May. We usually do 6 weeks on, one week off with extra days off scattered throughout the year. We take days off if Dad is off and home (he drives a bus and works whenever he is needed). We also take off for hunting season. Not every day but whenever my husband is off and we can go, or him and one of the kids will go for a couple of hours. I also have what I call “grace days”. Those are days when school just doesn’t happen.

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We typically follow our local public school calendar. Many of my boys friends are in public school so it just makes it easier to be off when they are off. Plus most of the time when school is off, they have a friend over so it makes it difficult to get any work done that way.
It works for us.