What is your favorite source for audio books?

Other than librivox (which is free), what other sources do you use to get audio books? I don’t mind paying a little, but for how many we go through I can’t spend too much each. I have a prek and 1st grader that just eat them up.

We use the library. I can download a book to either my daughters iPod or my iPhone. We love to listen in the car.


Our library system uses OverDrive Media to loan Audiobooks - there is an app for Apple products (not sure about Android) - and it works really well.

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I’ve got to get me a kindle to do this. I’m pretty sure our library has overdrive.

So I was looking for some future books this weekend and came across some audio book sites that I thought I’d share. Warning: I looked around each site but not extensively. Additionally one of the sites, Candlelightstories.com has other “artistic” forms/posts as you scroll down that I personally would not let my kids see. The audiobooks for this site are at the top just under the website name. If you click on children’s audiobooks then scroll down and click previous entries you’ll find other stories that are not listed at the top of the page like A Chinese Fairytale, Tom Thumb, The Golden Goose, and more.
A few of the sites linked the story to Librivox other were not linked. Hope you can find some good stories.

Storynory.com Free site and kid friendly
candlelightstories.com Free, see above comment
naxosaudiobooks.com a couple were free otherwise $
myaudioschool.com most of the stories that I looked at for last two linked to Librivox
pinterest had some ideas as well.
http://unclerickaudios.com This is a Christian based site with many books. Adventure, fiction, history, holiday, bible…lots of books. It is a paid site but I often get emails for coupons and discounts.