What is your favorite printer? Laser or Jet?

We purchased a Brother 3710CW laser printer last year. So far I love it, and while the toner cartridges are kind of expensive initially, they last for a VERY long time!

The other downside to this laser printer is that it’s ONLY a printer, so no scanning, copying, or faxing with this one. But it’s great for printing large quantities of worksheets and daily materials!

We also have an all-in-one Brother 490 which is about to die, literally on it’s last leg. Any suggestions for a new all-in-one?

I have a Canon all in one I really like especially be are it doesn’t use too much ink. I will have to get you the model number :slight_smile:

We have both a laser and an ink jet, and I for sure like the laser so much more. It’s so quick and easy. We haven’t had the need yet to replace the toner but I still think the benefit out weights the cost.

I have a Kodak (ink jet) and it EATS ink. Lately it has been giving me paper alignment issues too. But, it’s what I have until it dies.

We have a brother black and white laser that duplexes, copies/scans… and a HP color laser that duplexes… I print a lot. haha…

We have a Brother MFC 9970 CDW, It’s a massive beast. My hubby works from home a lot so its meant for an office. With that said I love it. It does everything and does it fast. But I’d like to find one that does the same kind of work but small enough to fit in our school space.

I have a Brother MFC-495CW All-In-One inkjet printer. We like it a lot, but it’s been discontinued and it’s getting harder to find the ink for it. :frowning: I like everything about it, except the fact that it requires 4 different inks (Black, Yellow, Cyan, and Magenta) to print…which translates to $$$.

I have HP m1212 laser printer. I like printing everything in black and white and then my kids color in the graphics.

We have been looking into this!! In have a black and white laser and love it- but for the little ones, color is so much better! But running up to print things at an Office Store is getting super old!! Lol would love to know if you feel like the ink cost for a color laser is worth it?!?

We have a laser printer that also does scanning, copying, and faxing. It’s the Brother DCP-7065DN. It’s great for all of those purposes.

I also have a cheap inkjet for when I need to print in color (especially Confessions of a Homeschooler stuff!).

When we bought my iMac 4 years ago, we were able to get an all-in-one printer HP Photosmart Plus B210 Series. It worked for about 1-1/2 years and then died. The scanner still works, though, which is the only reason why I kept it since I hope to scan all of our old photos someday.

On the other hand, the HP Photosmart D7300 inkjet printer that my husband had before we were married (so it’s at least 7 years old) is a workhorse! When I started using it again after the other one died, it still worked great even with the ink that had been left with it. The only downside is that it is a wired printer. I use our old laptop (and Dropbox) to print color documents with it.

I bought a black and white laser printer Brother HL-2270DW a couple of years ago and I love it! It does duplex which I think is pretty cool (I impress easily). I just replaced the toner a week or so ago, so the ink is relatively inexpensive compared to inkjet. Plus it’s wireless which is awesome! Unfortunately, we live in a small house and there is no room for the printer by my iMac so I have it in another room. Even so, it is a great machine!

I hope to get a color laser printer when the workhorse printer dies. That might be a while, though!

We just bought a Brother laser printer (black) at Staples and it is amazing. The salesman said the initial carteridge would not last long and a month later it is going strong. I love not worrying about using too much ink.

I have the Lexmark Pro 715 all in one and I love it!!

I LOVE my HP laser jet pro! It prints the colors so clean and clear! The ink is quite expensive but I can get almost 1000 pages out of them.

I just brought HP OfficeJet Pro 9025 All-in-One Printer and I love it.