What is your favorite healthy breakfasts to get your family's day going?

Simple, fast, and healthy breakfast ideas?

Chia seed pudding is our favorite right now. We love this. You prepare the night before and just put together in the morning. Perfect for a quick breakfast. We usually add fresh fruit too.

Chia seed breakfast bowl

Oatmeal with berries! Mokey is eating a ton of cheerios and sliced stawberries for her breakfest right now.

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Good question. I would love to get some healthy breakfast ideas. My children do not like oatmeal and I feel like we get in a bread rut, bagels, muffins, cinnamon toast, pancakes, etc.
I would love more non bread type healthy breakfast ideas.

I am obsessed with Green Smoothies. My kids will drink them too. I am almost drinking all my meals because they are so good and easy! Green Smoothie Girl is a good reference.

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