What is actually needed/used for Teaching Textbooks?

I’ll be using TT for the first time this coming school year. (TT4 & Pre-Alg) Do I need the the answer book since they’re self- grading? Also, is it really beneficial to have the workbook over just using a notebook?


The only thing I used this year was just the cd. My kids just used a notebook. I didn’t even know it had an answer key so no, it’s not need for tt4. The one thing that was a little helpful was going on to the website and printing out the table of contents of the year. Thay way I could use this to see where they were at and what they had covered.
I ordered the workbooks with tt3 and my kids hardly used them at all!

That is good to know - I am thinking of using TT for math for my 3rd and 5th grader. @khollow - is it a good curriculum? Do your kids enjoy it? Is it easy to use? Does it really teach the concepts well? What do you think of it, will you continue to use it? :slight_smile: Thanks in advance for all my questions. :slight_smile:

I wanted to wait until nap time to reply to answer your questions. I am hesitant to even answer them because I don’t feel secure in swaying you in either direction. I guess I am on the fence about TT. We have used it for the last 2 yrs for 2nd and 3rd grade. My kids really enjoy it!! my first year I tried MUS and I really just didn’t care for it too much. It wasn’t that it wasn’t a good, solid program - it just didn’t fit. We then did Abeka for a couple yrs. I really liked Abeka but was overwhelmed by the amt of work they had to do. So, I tried TT level 3 for second grade and it was great! My kids loved it. Especially my son. But this year (grade 3 level 4) I just felt like TT just seemed to drag at teaching concepts. Like they are just now learning fractions. But my biggest concern is that I am afraid (not positive) that my kids aren’t really retaining what they are taught. It’s like it’s too easy. I made them do both TT and Abeka this year which was frustrating because it’s 2 curriculums! So I asked them which was better and they said they liked TT but that Abeka taught them more.
Soooo, this year I am not using TT but going with CLE because I have heard nothing but good about it. But if it doesn’t work out I migth go right back to TT.
I hope this answers your question! Good luck. It’s so tough.

Oh dear! LOL Thank you for your reply - those were my concerns as well - would it be too easy? Would it not be enough? Would they retain it? I am also concerned because - I am worried that a few of my kids would want to just get the answer first and not even bother working out the problems! I will think more about this option - thank you so much for all your insight! I really do appreciate it. :smile:

Thanks for the info. I have another question about actually using the program on a daily basis…

If we DO NOT have the workbook, kid 1 would have to sit at the computer for her whole lesson time, then kid 2 take their turn.

If we DID have the workbooks, they could take turns at the computer -
kid 1 watches her lesson then leaves the computer to do the workbook
kid 2 watches her lesson while kid 1 is doing her workbook then leaves for her workbook time
kid 1 then returns to the computer to enter her answers and watch any trouble problems
when kid 1 is done with that, kid 2 returns to the computer to do the same thing

Is all this correct or am I missing something? I’m a huge planner, so knowing how things “should” work out makes me happy :smile:

The workbook is really like “scratch paper” for kids to work out the problems if they need to. The way TT works is the kids watch a lecture then have several practice questions and then about 12 questions. They answer the questions on the computer. Most of the time they don’t need any paper or workbook. The problems in the workbook are the exact same problems that are asked on the computer so the way it works for my 2 is:
Kid 1 does TT while kid 2 works on English at her desk. Then when kid 1 is finished (20-30 mins) kid 2 takes her turn. The beauty of TT is that it’s extremely easy to implement. You seriously won’t have to do very much. Kids seem to really enjoy it! Feel free to ask me any questions!