What I need for a complete English Curriculum?


I’m planning on using IEW, Spelling U See, and Fix it Grammar, IEW-PAL and A Reason for Handwritting as an English Curriculum for next year, but still, don’t know if I need something else or if this enough for an English Curriculum. I was considering adding Bob Jones English or Abeka English, but not sure if its too much or would be ok. Would love your suggestions or opinions.

This is for three different ages and grades.

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You’re doing enough. No need to add extra grammar.

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@Jazmin - to me it sounds like you’re doing great. I made the mistake of starting out with TOO many curriculums, resources, etc. It burned us out, and I realized that some of it just wasn’t necessary. I’d suggest starting with what you have (IEW, SpellUSee, FixIt!, Handwriting… not sure what IEW PAL is). IF you find something is lacking or you need some additional work/help, then you can add in something else. You may find that the choices you’ve made are more than sufficient. I have a drawer of “extras” I purchased thinking for sure we’d use/need them, just to realize 6 weeks in that we were already doing more than enough. Talk about buyers remorse :slight_smile: I like the choices you made. We use SpellUSee, and we’re going to begin using IEW and FixIt! next year.

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How old is your child? I am wondering the same exact thing for my third grader.