What do you really want in a planner?

hey Momma, many of us to drool over Erin Condren and plum paper planners. But in all honesty, I need more homeschool specific forms in my planner. Anyone else feel the same? I’m considering doing a similar type of plan are for Homeschooler with Homeschooler related forms. I make my own anyway every year might as well offer it to others. What do you feel should absolutely be in a homeschool planner?

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@My3beauties I don’t need much. Here’s my brief list

1/ A daily one-page planner for ONE child and room for at least SEVEN subjects
2/ A monthly page
3/ Grading page

Those are the only pages I absolutely must have. Everything else is usually just saved in a computer file and printed out when needed.

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I have 6 children and tutor 4 others…I dont want to use two different planners for my kids…that would leave me using 3 planners. I dont need menu info and chore charts…I use my school planner for schooling.
I need monthly calendars and week at a glance then room for 6 kids and 6 subjects with riom for detailed plans. I dont need fluff!

I make my own now…composition book and pen and ruler. I like neat predone ones but at $20 ea…I refuse to buy something that does fit my need.


What if you could have an Erin Condren style homeschool planner built upon the Arcbound system? It would be custom to your needs with a cover of your choice that is laminated and has the option for beautiful scripture art work inside? My challenge is making it affordable and making the divider tabs pretty…I think the Arcbound systems are wonderful because you can add or remove pages quickly and easily. Plus, you can always add your own extras.

Also, divider tabs…by month? By topic? Such as:

-this week


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Tabs…i like by month…then I like a moveable bookmark to keep my place…so monthly tabs and then a planning tab or goal tab since I like to do my planning only a few weeks in advance but I like to have hoals set at beginninh of year. Tab for grades with a section to store 6 kids grades in one easy spot.
I can take a picture of the one I hand make if you arent getting a vision of planning pages.

I can imagine keeping it affordable is difficult…unless you have huge bulk…cost will always be an issue.

I custom design my planner each year… not sure I’ve ever made of goals page so if you would like to share that that’d be awesome. I do something called yearly planning. Which has a two page spread with a section for each month to write in notes that I want to cover for that month.

Two page monthly spread; daily lesson plan page with room to write (not just one line per subject); monthly goals overview; attendance (my state requires it); grade sheet. Since I like to be able to plan our evening schedules during school, I like to have a to do list and meal planner in my school planner too. Those are my must haves, though I think book lists, note pages, and field trip pages are nice too.

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Hi @My3beauties Just a heads up, the Erin Condren planner is amazing! But it is also copyrighted, so you’ll want to be careful not to duplicate it too closely and re-sell it as your own. Just make sure your planner is totally unique in style and content. :smile:


Thanks, Erica, for that exhortation. I would never want to infringe on copyrighted material.

I don’t plan a long way ahead, so what I use right now is actually a teachers planner. I like it because it’s longer than regular paper. it has spaces for various parts of the day but I’ve repurpused that for various subjects. I use it both for planning and for recording what we actually got done (I just plan in pencil and erase anything we don’t actually do).

But what I would really like is some sort of goals+assessment planner. I haven’t figured out the way to do it, but something that would have like a sheet for each goal, and allow you to chart steps to that goal and have a place for recording where you made assessments, so you can chart your progress towards reaching that goal.

Have you looked at @Erica’s planners? They are fabulous! I normally purchase the Daily Planner and the Lesson Planner. I print what I want from each one and have it bound at an office supply store for $3, so the whole thing costs me $12 (plus the ink and paper). AND it’s exactly what I want and need!

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More subject space! I need 10! Lol. I tried to make my own but it wasn’t worth it for me. I ended up buying and use the eight subject planner but have to double up subjects like health and science and history and Geo.

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