What curriculum are you using for 2nd grade

I’m starting to order and plan for next year, my son will be 2nd grade. What curriculum do you use that you have loved? What didn’t work out so good? Anything you wished you would have used?

I posted this as a reply on the other thread but I will post it here as well since there were a few things that didn’t work so well for us. Here’s what we used this year:

Bible: Bible Road Trip (love this!)
Handwriting: A Reason for Handwriting (Level B this year)
Math: Horizons
Reading: All About Reading
Spelling: All About Spelling
Grammar: G.U.M. Drops (Grammar Usage and Mechanics) and First Language Lessons (Well Trained Mind)
History: TruthQuest
Science: Elemental Science (finishing up Biology for the Grammar Stage)
Geography: Evan Moor Daily Geography
(We also use some of Highlights’ Which Way USA and Top Secret Adventures but we’re hit and miss on that so far–we may embark on Erica’s Road Trip USA and EE or Guest Hollow’s free curriculum in the near future)
Foreign Language: Chinese (We use Better Chinese: My First Chinese Words and love it!)
Social Studies: My World Social Studies by Pearson Homeschool
(We are switching to Core Skills Social Studies by Steck Vaughn combined with Nonfiction Reading Comprehension: Social Studies next year though. We are not fans of the Pearson Homeschool programs. We have tried their science and social studies programs and I found both to be difficult to use in the homeschool setting. I think both are written for public schools, and while they say they are adapted for homeschool use, they are difficult to use in that format. And they are pricey. The social studies program is easier to use and is largely reusable which the science program is not. But we would still not purchase either program again. I don’t think we’ll purchase any program from Pearson homeschool again. Just my opinion from my experience with their products though.)
Art: Artistic Pursuits–we love this too!

We used A Beka for LA, math, history, science, and health. Everything was good quality, but we will only be continuing with the readers and history. We stopped using the handwriting because he just wasn’t ready for cursive so we will use that this year and we stopped doing lessons with the teacher’s manual after about 2 months. It really is a high-quality curriculum but is written for the classroom and we do not work well that way.

I no longer have a 2nd grader (I have a couple coming up soon but not sure what I will use with them yet) For 2nd grade we used CLE Math (still use this math), CLE Language and Reading (the spelling didn’t work for us and we wanted more help with writing but this is a simple, inexpensive SOLID program especially for grammar), we did Abeka Science and health and Donna Ward Social studies. I kind of wish that we had spent more time enjoying 2nd grade than spending so much time on workbooks etc… so for my youngers I might change things up by the time they reach 2nd grade. Enjoy your year! :slight_smile:

We are currently in the middle of our 2nd grade curriculum (we added more about half-way through the year, so we’re sort of between 2nd and 3rd. Anyways, Here is what I’ve been using:

Morning pages: 2nd Grade Morning pages that I found on Teachers Pay Teachers
Dharma Talks: Amida’s ABC’s
Math: Spectrum 2 workbooks
Science: Scott Foresman Science (by Pearson) for Second Grade (which I found on Amazon for rather cheap!).
Reading: This actually depends on the unit The Monk wants to look at. We’ve done Greek Mythology, Fairy Tales, and up next is Star Wars (the library has all kinds of books to help me pick up reading material and then we just do various reading responses from there).
Penmanship: Skill Builders Cursive Handwriting
Art: Erica’s World’s Greatest Artists 1
Music: Erica’s World’s Greatest Composers 1
Spanish: Skill Builders Spanish 1 and The Complete Book of Spanish 1-3
Spelling: All About Spelling 1 and 2
Grammar: Easy Grammar 3

This summer we will be starting US Road Trip and WriteShop C (probably after we finish Penmanship, Art, and/or Music).

We don’t do all of these everyday. We alternate days and subjects. The only things we do each day are morning pages, Dharma talks, Math, and Reading. Everything else gets alternated on an every other day basis. Whatever we may fall behind on is made up on Fridays, which is sort of our free day. If we don’t have anything to make up, then Fridays are a free day!