What could i add to our kindergarten year?

I’m working on next year’s plans and need some suggestions. I already have our math, reading, and writing picked out, but I’m still looking for just something extra to make my daughters kindergarten year fun.

Any suggestions for an extra add on that just for fun?

Art? All kindergarteners love art! :slight_smile:
Paperdolls, knitting, a simple science with experiments? (always a hit here)


l totally agree --art!

My kids also really loved science at that age. Science Play is a really fun and simple book with lots of easy and neat experiments in it: http://www.amazon.com/Science-Play-Williamson-Little-Hands/dp/0824967984/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1427776689&sr=8-1&keywords=science+play

My kids also really enjoyed learning about other countries around the world as well. :smile:


Science! My son’s K year I wrote out
a list of topics and subtopics I wanted to explore with him. Things like outer space, the ocean, weather, etc. Then we studied one topic a month doing anything we thought looked fun. (Pinterest is a great resource for this.) I included art in the science. We had a blast!


@bttrflynthesky One of the fun things we did for my son was to have an interest-focused slot one day each week. I let him choose the focus for each “quarter.” First quarter he chose dinosaurs, so for part of the day each Friday we had “Dinosaur Day” and we would study a new dinosaur each week during that time. I got a few fun books from Scholastic on Dinosaurs and purchased some dinosaur stickers, printed out coloring pages, etc. We both learned a lot! Then in the spring he chose outer space so we had “Space Day.” Each Friday we studied a different planet or space topic like comets, space travel, etc. We got great books from the library, again had coloring pages, made fun crafts, etc. He still remembers his Dinosaur and Space Days! And my daughter who was in 1st grade that year often joined in with us! :slight_smile:


Art is a lot of fun at this age! We have been enjoying Home Art Studio and Deep Space Sparkle.
But how about some File Folder Games? Those are a lot of fun!!

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I’ve looked at this before. Is it out pretty independent once you have the supplies on the table for the kids? Also what levels have you tried?

We have the First grade level. My daughter is very bold when it comes to art. She has spent a lot of time cutting, pasting, coloring, and creating many different art projects on her own since very young. So for her these weren’t too difficult on her own. She even gets the supplies out by herself. If there is a difficulty, in drawing for example, I then guide her. Try the free lessons. See where your child is with his/her abilities to work on it alone. If they cannot, try allowing them to play with papers, scissors, and even paint for a few weeks until they’re more comfortable on their own. Hope this helps.

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@GC123 - Thank you for your post about art! I checked them out as well - I am pulling my kids from K12 and, in doing so, loosing the art program- so I’ve been struggling to replace the art curriculum. I really appreciate your help!

@sgrrrbear and @bttrflynthesky
I’m so glad I can help!
I hope the transition will be smooth for you, and I believe it will. You’re preparing yourself, doing lots of research. Ms. Volin from Home Art Studio is so sweet and I love the lessons. You’ll appreciate it too!

One other thing I thought about for adding to Kindergarten would be Do-a-Dots. For some reason little ones love it. And then activity/sensory bins are really great too.
Have fun! :slight_smile:

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@GC123 I saw your post about Home Art Studio and was taking a look at it–the info on their Web site says to insert the DVD into your computer. I could do this, but since it’s a DVD, does it work in a TV DVD player? Thanks for your info about this program. We use Artistic Pursuits and love it, but this looks fun too–might be fun for when we finish what we’re currently using :slight_smile:

Yes, we use it on our TV/DVD player. It is a fun series!
Artistic Pursuits is a name I hear a lot, I’ll have to look into it, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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For that age I suggest adding science, art and plenty of reading good books. I think that your child is at an age where you want to instill a love of reading. Once you start reading books, you will be able to branch off from there. Your child will start to show interest in certain parts of the stories. The next thing you know you are making castles and having duels and making costumes.
Do not underestimate the adventure that a good book can take you and your child on.