What are your favorite freezer meal ideas?

I want to do some freezer meals to help out while we’re in school! Does anyone have any good recipes to try?

I have a list of freezer meals here, but am kind of bored with those and would like to try something new!

Not really technically meals but I like to cook meats in bulk and freeze when needed. I also make pizza dough I’m bulk, split it up and freeze. It makes supper much easier to quickly pull together with one less step.

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I like to freeze meatloaf, meatballs, chili, goulash, muffins, quesadillas and marinated chicken. My current new favorite recipe is the goulash. I use this recipe… http://www.mommyskitchen.net/2009/03/bobby-deens-favorite-goulash.html

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That’s what we do too. A lot of doubling!

I like to freezer cook every couple of months or so, just about 4-6 meals to help out on those crazy days. This recipe is from the Homeschool Creation mom’s other blog. Making the mashed potatoes can be time consuming, so I usually make a ton and also make a shepherd’s pie to freeze.