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What are your favorite 1st grade curriculum picks?

Hey everyone! I put up our first grade favorite homeschool curriculum choices today, but I’m curious to hear what you guys use as well! Leave a comment below with your faves!

Eere are mine:


I found your post very helpful as I will have 2 1st graders next year. We also use Abeka for most subjects and Math U See for Math. I have been considering using Spelling U See for spelling. Would you recommend purchasing the instructor’s handbook for Spelling U See? I will also have a 3rd grader, and I guess I’m wondering if I should purchase an instructor’s handbook for both levels, or if maybe I could get away with not getting either one.


Your post was brilliant. We are actually going to use Spelling You See and the Vocabulary Workshop based on things I have read from your blog. I think they wil be a prefect fit for my first grader.

We did fine without the instructors book for all of the other levels, but for level B there are spelling words that you do need the TM for.

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here’s our list:
AAR 2 and 3
Horizons math 1
SOTW vol 1
Writing Our Catholic Faith
Life science study of zoology, human anatomy and physiology, and botany using a mix of resources
Raising Little Rock Stars A-Z Bible curriculum
FLL level 1


Our “Iron Man” is just now finishing first grade. His curriculum includes:

For families with little ones:

We plan to use the same curriculum above for our sweet pea who will enter Preschool Fall 2016.

FIELD TRIPS: We went on several field trips this year. Highly recommend!


Our fall first grade curriculum choices.

Calendar Note Book ( Erica)
Speech: Hear It! Say It! (son has Apraxia)
Logic: Lollipop Logic
Health: Living Books (state required) (one semester only)
Spelling: AAS Level 1
Reading: Rod and Staff Gr.1
Grammar: FLL
Penmanship: Copywork
Math: Rod and Staff Gr.1 and Math Mammoth Gr.1
Science: Living Books
History: Living Books
Art: Memoria Press Art Cards w/Living Books
Music: Takes Guitar Lessons
P.E. Soccer and Swim Lessons

My son will be in first grade next year. He has sensory processing disorder. Does anyone have recommendations for sensory friendly curriculum? Thanks!

Hi! My son also has sensory processing disorder and I was wondering what curriculum you chose to use this year! this is our second year homeschooling and I’m still trying to figure out what’s best for him. Thanks!!

Hi! We are using the following curriculum:
Reading and Phonics- Explode the Code online and Abeka readers
Math-Abeka and Splash Math app
Science-Swimming Creatures by Apologia
History-Beautiful Feet (Early AmeticanHistory)
Writing-Handwriting Wiothout Tears
Spelling-I found a first grade list on Pinterest.
Language Arts-First Language Lessons
I hope this helps :blush:

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@melissa228 Have you thought about trying a Montessori-type style of learning? I say this only because it may depend on how your son processes his environment. A Montessori environment may stimulate certain senses while still creating an atmosphere of learning and order.

Progressive Phonics (love that it’s free, and fun! My kiddo likes it).
Story of the World (History)
All About Spelling
Homemade unit studies for science (One Small Square books make great spines for Habitat)
Still haven’t found a fave for math.