What are some good online planners?

I’m searching for an online planner, however don’t know which one would be a good one for us. Has anyone else use online school planner? Any ideas would be awesome.


I have heard of Scholaric, Homeschool Planet and Skedtrack but don’t know much about any of them.

I used Scholaric and loved it. Easy to move things forward…easy to share lesson plans across multiple children. Loved it

I have tried lesson trek and homeschool planet. Of the two, I preferred homeschool planet with the lesson input of information, but I prefer how lesson trek prints each week over homeschool planet. I am undecided for next year which I will use. I keep meaning to check into scholastic as well.

Scholaric lets you print as well and was (is still hopefully) only $1 per child up to $5 total regardless of how many children you use it for.