We're in and I can't sleep!

Welp, we took the plunge and turned in applications for our 3 boys to attend a local charter school this past Friday at 4:30pm. Last. Friday. 4:30pm. They called Monday, yes Monday, to say they had openings for all 3 of them. I’m terrified! I’m excited! I’m worried! I can’t sleep! I didn’t expect things to move so quickly and I’m panicking! I’ve prayed about whether to even homeschool at all. My husband has prayed. I know in my heart this is what God wants us to do, but it’s all happening so fast! I was told there were 25 others ahead of us on their waiting list a month and a half ago when I first inquired about attending. How did we get to the top already? I wasn’t expecting to get in until next fall. I thought I had time to prepare. To prepare our home. To prepare our kids. To prepare my heart, mind, and soul. I am so overwhelmed! I have to get everything ready by the first week of January! I can’t breathe! Did I say we turned in applications on Friday and they called us Monday to say we were in? I’m freaking out!

Hi! It sounds like you might be uncertain as to whether or not the charter school is the right choice? Honestly I don’t like to make rushed decisionseither even though sometimes it’s necessary. I would definitely pray over the decision and make sure that you’re following God’s will for your family. I find that as soon as I decide on something that God has been preparing me for I usually feel at peace about it. Even if it’s something that’s exciting and a little scary, you still have that inner peace that you’re doing the right thing.

Sometimes things move quickly though :slight_smile: And if it’s really the right timing, then it will all work out. If it’s not then you should be able to withdraw and homeschool until you’re ready. Or worst case, you can pull them out if it doesn’t work out as well. Nothing like that is permanent, you have options, so take a breath and listen to what God has for you, and then step out in faith and follow His lead :slight_smile:

Just my 2 cents worth anyway LOL!

Thank you so much for the advice. I finally have peace about our decision. We will be pulling our 3 boys out of public school at Christmas break. They will attend a local charter school 2 days a week for enrichment classes and the rest will be up to me at home. I prayed and prayed about our decision and whether it really was the timing God wanted us to follow. Through several conversations with God, my husband, our daughter (age 21), our families, friends, our pastor and his wife, we feel (or rather, I feel) we have the support we need to begin this new and exciting chapter. One of our son’s teachers is very suportive, as well. She is a wonderful Christian woman who will grieve our son not being in her class for the rest of the year. She has been such a blessing to me and will continue to be. There will be lots of emotions that will need to be delt with. Not only is my life about to change, but my children’s lives are about to change, too. I will miss my daily routine as a stay at home mom, and our boys will miss their teachers and friends. We have assured them we will keep in contact with their best friends, they will continue to play sports, see their church friends, and make new friends at their new school. If it doesn’t work out, public school will still be there (I can’t see us putting them back there, though!). I’m excited to see where the Lord leads us! I’m so thankful for this community, as well!