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Hello! I’m Alysia. I have 2 boys (almost 9 and 10). We will begin our home school journey in about a month. The boys have been enrolled in a Christian school since Kindergarten. Our military journey is leading us overseas which is giving us the opportunity to home school and travel. I am extremely nervous to start this next chapter. Thankfully the whole family is on board.


Hi there everyone,
My name is Victoria I am a wife, a mommy and a YouTube vlogger, we have 3 little munchkins ages 4, 2, and a 9month old. We decided we will be homeschooling since we will be moving out of the city and it will be more convenient for us. So far we are doing preschool and home and we are loving it. Erika im so thankful for this website lots of great information. Its so nice to have other homeschooling moms and hear their experiences.


Hello, my name is Amanda. I have a 10 year old daughter and a son that will be 4 in April. My daughter went to a private Christian school for K4 through first grade. I had the desire to homeschool but was nervous about it at the same time, so we enrolled her in virtual public school. She is currently in 5th grade and this is the last year that we will be doing the virtual public school. I just don’t feel like this is the right fit for my family anymore. I want more freedom to choose her curriculum too.

I feel like I am more of a tradition style but I want to incorporate different, fun things too. So maybe tradition with some eclectic mixed in. I’m still learning about all the different styles. We are both really excited for next year, and I hope to be able to make school fun for her again.

That is how I found this blog. :slight_smile: I have been researching tons of different curriculum trying to find the best fit for us. Most of my family just keeps asking me when I’m going to put my kids back into “real” school, so it is such a comfort to find this community.


Hi, my Rachel and have three busy boys, age 5, 4, and 1. I just started homeschooling my oldest last September. We really felt we wanted to give our boys a Christian based education and also wanted to tailor curriculum to their needs. We started the school year with a certain curriculum and quickly found out that it was not the right fit for our son. I think I lean more toward the eclectic approach because we can pick and choose what works best for each child. I liked the idea of a boxed curriculum, but it didn’t quite work. Who knows though, it may be a perfect fit for our second son. I am excited to be a part of this community because I am always looking for ideas and love having the support of others who have more experience homeschooling. :grinning:


Hi my name is Sarah, I have 3 boys that are 6,4, and 2. :slight_smile: I grew up homeschooling myself and have chosen to homeschool my own boys because I love how I can teach my boys one on one, to there interest, with the faith base that our family holds(Christian), and I get to be with them during these young formative years that go by so fast! I’m also not a fan of public schools and we can’t afford private. I love researching curriculum and books but also try to incorporate a lot of hands on activities to keep my boys engaged. Our biggest challenge right now, schooling with a crazy toddler around!


Sounds like we have a lot in common. Mine are 5 4 and 1 also except the baby is a girl.


HI! My name is Christy and we have 4 children - 9, 7, 4 and 2. I am looking to begin homeschooling in Fall of 2017. We are a military family and will be moving from TN to CA in June. We have decided to homeschool so we can ensure our children are getting the best education we can provide. We don’t like a lot of the social justice topics that schools are forcing on children and want to keep their education Christ centered.


Hi thank you for the add.My name is Charlene and I am a mom of three boys ages 9 and 6 year old twins. I homeschooled my oldest in first grade then we moved and all 3 are attending public school until next year. I like the classical model of teaching best but sort of have a eclectic style of learning/teaching. I started homeschooling because I felt my son had so much potential and he just was not getting challenged enough in public school. Also I wanted to have a say in what he does or does not learn about. I really dislike the common core curriculum and fell my children need more hands on learning. Also I just love being with my children and seeing them learn and grow.


what part of Ca are you moving to Christy?


Edwards AFB, CA. It’s in the desert part :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hi! I am a mom of 2, a 5 yo and a 4yo. Before kids I was a teacher and was able to stay home once my youngest was born. It was a very challenging and long adjustment to being home. I love it now and am so blessed by the Lord’s gifts to our family. Next fall will be my 1st year! Can I summarize all the reasons why we made this decision? Not really. We just know that this is where we find peace and incredible excitement! I’m looking forward to learning how our home school will look! How each of my children will grow and how I will be sanctified through this process!


Hello my name is Sherry and I have been homeschooling for 5 years now! But I am a repeat homeschooler. My oldest son was homeschooled and then he went to public school for several years. My youngest son was only in public school for 2 years. My oldest son is in 11th grade and he is dual enrolled at the college so I really don’t have much schooling to do with him. My other son is finishing up 6th grade. We use Saxon for Math, Abeka for History, Science, Health and Reading and Vocabulary. and EasyGrammar.

We started homeschooling because I did not like the way the public school was heading. I also like to be able to pick out what my children are learning.I also am really enjoying spending lots of time with my boys and learning as I go with them also.


Hi, My Name is Sativa and I am homeschooling a 13 year old 7th Grader, and a 17 year old 10th grader. We went from Public School to Connections Academy this last year 2016, and it was a horrible experience. I figured I was already doing most of the teaching, so I jumped ship and went full time homeschooling just this February 2017. My daughter was cyber bullied by her own best friends, and that is why we left public School, not to mention the lack of textbooks, the horrible Common Core Math that always ended in late nights, and wondering why my kids were not doing well. We thought online School would be better, but the demands were high there too, and it felt like life was all about getting the next lesson done just to keep up. It was a huge work load, and I had very frustrated kids who still felt they weren’t getting the time they needed to learn the material. I finally had enough with Connections when they had integrated the 5 pillars of Islam in the 7th grade Geography Curriculum, and even my sons English class was integrated with Muslim Propaganda. I then realized they were wasting their time on nonsense, when they could be getting a Christian Perspective. I look back now and wish I would have done this sooner, but homeschooling seemed so scary. I immersed myself in every blog, YouTube, and anything I could get my hands on about homeschooling with in two weeks. Then I pulled my kids out of Public School completely. It is scary, since my kids are older, but my safety net is that my local Community College offers a dual Diploma and Associates Program. That way when they go to college, they will receive their Associates Degree and a High School Diploma. I am still learning a lot, and I am so grateful for this site.


Excited Mama of 4 who has started Pre school homeschool with our 4 year old!. I do not have a specific “style” that we use as it’s just pre school. But I am excited about learning on this site and seeing where it leads us in the years to come.
Our 4 year old son was enrolled in a private christian preschool and he never liked it. We all gave it a try but it just didn’t seem right for him. After much prayer we decided to Home School. Since we have been home schooling he has flurished greatly!!!


I have a 7 year old that will be entering the second grade in the upcoming school year. I have been wanting to homeschool since he was a baby but was always worried if it was the right decision. My main concern was if I would give him a good enough education. I have researched homeschooling and we did a trial preschool curriculum and both enjoyed but I was overwhelmed with all the preparation that went into it and was worried if I could keep up with it for an entire school year. I work shift work and find that I miss out on so much time with him and it is hard on all of us. So I have come back to homeschooling as a good solution. I personally do not care at all for common core and found when trying to help him with homework that we would be both be upset and frustrated and he is already struggling through math. I believe that homeschooling and finding a more traditional math curriculum will benefit us much more and will be easier for him to learn. I think that we will be a mix of traditional/eclectic. I like the idea of being able to mix and match curriculums that will help with his strengths and weaknesses. I look forward to being a part of this community!


Hi, My name is Michelle and I have two girls that I homeschool We started homeschooling for the first time when my oldest was 4, and then again when she was going into 5th grade. We live and work on a farm. Both of my girls have started training horses as a side job to go along with all the other busy farm duties.
How long have you been homeschooling? 4 consecutive years going on 5
How many children do you have? 2
What teaching style do you like best? a mix of traditional/eclectic
Why did you start homeschooling? We started homeschooling for a mixture of reason. My youngest child has several learning disabilities, and needed the one on one attention. I LOVE teaching and had planned to become a public or private school elementary school teacher before life got in the way of finishing my degree. Also I just wanted my children home with me so I could spend time with them, and I may have a bit of a control streak.


Hello, I am Heather. I have been homeschooling for about 13 years now. My oldest is 16, just finishing her sophomore year. I have 3 boys, ages 14, 10 and 6. This was my first year to officially have them all in the books. We have a blended Style of schooling. I embrace Charlotte Mason, but at times find traditional methods work well for us too. I am a teacher at heart, having a degree in early childhood ed. I myself appreciate structure and organization in our day, but have learned it is always good to be flexible. I love the Lord and could not get through each day without him. Christianity is weaved throughout our curriculum and I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to teach my children at home.


Hi, my name is Sheila and we’ve been homeschooling for 5 years now. I have 2 awesome daughters and have loved the privilege of homeschooling them. We mostly use traditional/eclectic teaching styles. We started homeschooling when we found my youngest was ADD and Dyslexic and the Christian School they attended wasn’t equipped to offer her the extra help she needed. Homeschooling has proven to be the right choice for us.


Hi I’m Kim, unexpected homeschooler to my kids ages 10 and 13. I decided to withdraw my kids from public school a little over a year ago. It’s been a struggle while also working full time. They weren’t thriving and I was basically homeschooling them in the evenings and on weekends to try and get them where they needed to be. I never thought I would be a homeschooling mom after being a public school teacher myself but the school system was failing my kids and my only regret is that my husband and I didn’t go this route earlier!! I think I’m more of a traditional homeschooler. I love that I can tailor their education to fit them and their interests.



My name is Sophia and I have 2 boys under 3. It’s too early for saying I’m any experienced in homeschooling, but I’m wandering on the internet to learn how to make things work later. I believe there are many tips we can already implement at home with little kids!
As it’s early enough to concentrate on creativity and not care about theory, my oldest and me play a lot on Meludia to have fun training his musical ear. This way he might be able to skip music theory classes and we could just have fun improving our musical skills together on our instruments. :slight_smile:
I value a lot creative skills like music, drawing, writing, etc. and would love to get tips to teach it! :slight_smile: