Weekly or Monthly Themes for Kindergarten/1st Grade

Does anyone do weekly themes for Kindergarten or even have a list of specific topics (i.e., holidays, fun dates like Johnny Appleseed’s birthday in September, etc.) that they cover during specific months? I feel that having a theme for the week or even specific topics to cover will help give me ideas for fun things to do for crafts or even learning activities throughout the month.

I know My Father’s World does, at least for one of those grades but perhaps both. Also, God’s Little Explorer’s for Preschoolers has a weekly theme based on the Bible which is really sweet, looks fun, and is available for free at this link: http://www.motherhoodonadime.com/kids/gods-little-explorer-preschool-curriculum/
You can modify it or pick-and-choose the activities for each week and/or just add it to your curriculum for K/1st grade.

I look at the month or season. So it’s fall now and I make sure we do something with leaves, apples, pumpkins, thanksgiving, turkeys, etc. I print a lot of free stuff off TpT and they have a lot of themed stuff that correlates to what we’re working on for that particular month. Come winter it will be Christmassy stuff like gingerbread, reindeer, and snowflakes, snowmen, etc. this works best for me