Wanting to return to Heart of Dakota

I used to use Heart of Dakota when my son was in kindergarten (he’s now in 6th). I’m thinking of going back to it for both my kids (the other is in kindergarten) because it was simple to get done. But I would make some modifications to it because my oldest is dyslexic and loves Charlotte Mason style learning. My question is does anyone use this now and can they give me their thoughts before I buy?

I’m using it kinda. I have mixed emotions and reviews. I like CM and feel that this program is CM in some ways but not how I envision it.
I followed the website’s guide to place my son, but because of his reading and therefore writing he placed in a lower guide than I thought he should have been. Since this was my first venture into HOD I followed the website recommendation.
Because of my son’s vision issues I read the assignments to him and he narrates back.
I don’t always like the poetry selection so I substitute. I feel that Bible is somewhat forced, but it is a good beginning for us. I use the questions/comments as a guide, I don’t always read them exactly.The memory versus and the character traits are good.
I have used the extension A Child’s Story of America but often it is the same history story reworded. I would rather have him read another component to the time period.
I’m not a big fan of the science. Well actually we have enjoyed the read aloud John Audobon and the extension book _Exploring Planet Earth. But the basic science component was not what we were looking for.
All that said, I have not ruled it out for next year. I really like the layout, it helps me in several ways. I can rewrite the assignments for my son so he can be more independent.
I have also tried my daughter in HOD Revival to Revolution, it was a complete disaster. Definitely not continuing it with her.
Two websites I would check out are The Monarch Room she has two boys using HOD and she has many tips and ideas. She posts lots of pictures of her boys’ work. The other site is Reflections from Drywood Creek She and her son began the year using HOD Creation to Christ, but they have since moved on.
Have you checked out HOD’s website? You can download a sample of the guide that you would be using and you can see all the books that you would be using for the year.
Overall I feel that for my son it can be a bit tedious and monotonous. Yes, he is learning. It is easy to implement (at this level) and easy for him to complete his assignments (very important because I work outside the home). Because of the layout we don’t miss things during the week. For my daughter the most positive thing was that we put it away hopefully will sell at some point.

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