Wall Maps for Young Children

I would like to get a couple of wall maps for my 5yo daughter, about 2’x3’ or so. Do any of you have any recommendations for a US map and a World map that is fairly easy to read and understand?

I think a floor puzzle may be more useful that size. We have a Melissa and Doug one (http://www.amazon.com/Melissa-Doug-World-Floor-Puzzle/dp/B0007ODGTQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1428365517&sr=8-1&keywords=melissa+doug+floor+puzzle+world) that has the pieces cut into the shapes of the continents. It helps my 5-year-old to manipulate and fit together the pieces.

If you want something for your wall, I would go with a regular laminated 3’x4’ world map.

@MrsKinsey I googled “blank blackline USA map”, clicked images, and printed the one I liked. Then, I brought that 8x10 copy to Office Depot, had them blow it up and make a copy! I ended up w a map 2x3, maybe a little larger:) For added durability, I had them laminate it! In the end I spent under $10 and have a blank map for our wall! I plan on having my son (prob in 4-5 grade) do a state study. I printed out the state names and capitols, pics of state birds and flowers, and printed them on card stock (plus laminated). I attached Velcro to the backs, and Velcro to the map. So, we can attached and remove the “pieces”. I hope that helped and made sense😋


I have a Map of the World from the American Map Corporation. It is map number 9577. It is 50" x 38". It is laminated. It is big an easy to read. I have had it up on my wall for years.

I just looked on their website and it doesn’t look like they sell the one that I have anymore but they sell several others.
American Map Corporation

I got these two maps from Barnes and Noble - they are simple, bright and fun - there is a world version and a US version. Wall maps can be quite expensive. At $15I thought these were well priced for the size and quality (and I’m cheap). We’ve had them up for years - the kids love them. Here are the links:

We have the “wall pops” brand World and USA maps. We ordered them through amazon. They are decals and stick/remove to/from the wall without any issues. They also come with a dry erase marker, which has been a huge hit with my son :smile:

Wall Pops WPE0624 Kids World Dry Erase Map Decal
Wall Pops WPE0623 Kids USA Dry Erase Map Decal

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Not sure of the brand, but we have peel and stick world and U.S. maps that we got at JoAnns. They came with dry erase markers too. And we used the 50% off coupons to get them.

I have two wall maps I purchased at Walmart a few years ago, one of the World, the other USA. They came folded and I just hung it on the wall with thumb tacks. However, I couldn’t find them again there but have found them online. They’re actually very inexpensive and really good quality. I’m not sure which ones I have, but search their site. There are so many options. Also look under Rolled Maps, I saw some good ones there.
I am also sharing under a new topic for COAH curriculum what I use for the binders from same company. :slight_smile: hope you find what you want!

Thank you all!

We already have a Melissa & Doug puzzle map of the USA. My daughter loves it but doesn’t get it out very often. I want something that can stay up for the spontaneous questions and situations that come up.

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We have the sonlight markable map and enjoy it. It is US on one side and World on the other and is laminated.