Utah homeschool requirements

Anyone on here living in Utah? my family is moving there this summer and I’m having a hard time finding (and understanding) the homeschool requirements for the state. I know the laws recently changed, but I don’t know specifics. Can anyone provide any insight?

@DeannaForgard have you gone to the HSLDA page where it lists requirements state by state?

I did and it says something about signing an annual affidavit saying that your child will be homeschooled for the same amount of hours as public schools, but I can’t find any info on what those requirements are, if it’s a certain number of days or hours.

HSLDA website isn’t updated. I will be homeschooling in Utah this fall. They just changed the laws to make it really easy. Baisically they require you to submit your affidavit only once for the whole time you homeschool in that district. There’s no test scores, no attendance requirements, no nothing. I will look for the website that has the updated info

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Thank you Melissa! So it’s not an annual affidavit, right? Just once for the whole time? I found this link (http://news.heartland.org/newspaper-article/2005/05/01/homeschoolers-protected-new-utah-law) that mentions the affidavit but it says that it’s for the purpose of telling the school district that the children will be homeschooled for the same amount of time as public schools. To me, that means same hours and/or days as public schools. Did I misunderstand that?

Nope it’s not an annual affidavit. It’s good until you move to a different school district. You just file it once. They don’t have a set day/hour requirement. They don’t even have set subjects you have to teach. It’s soley up to the parents. I googled Utah homeschool laws and there’s a link to Utah home education assistance.org that has accurate info

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@melissa228 I want to Move to Utah now…lol!! I’m in NY and laws are very strict and controlling!!!

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