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Using the preschool curriculum with handicapped adult


My 20 year old non verbal Down Syndrome son and I have been using the Preschool Curriculum for the past two years and find that all the repetition and fine motor activities are just what he needs. Is anyone else doing this?


Oh yes!! I have a 20 yr old son, autistic/traumatic brain injury etc…he topped out at about a 5th grade level. It took us soooooo long to get there, and he has been at that level for years now. We are over joyed by his progress❤️ Taking our time, going at his pace, encouraging him every step of the way…


Congratulations on the progress your son is making! Congratulations to you for hanging in there!


My daughter is 22 and we are using k and 1st grade curriculum. We utilize MUS and she reads from easy readers. She can read but comprehension and retention are just not there. She us doing fairly well with MUS Primer but some of it still leaves her struggling.
My daughter graduated from public high school in 2011.


What is MUS? I would like to learn more about it. Since graduating from High School in 2012 my son and I are continuing on with the letter of the week preschool and making a lot of our own reading material!


MUS is Math U See Curriculum


Thanks, I will check it out!


Sorry, yes Math U See. Very tactile! She needs real life things she can touch and this helps. One is one, know what I mean…this is why money is a difficult concept for children with Down syndrome, one might be .01 or $1 but it may also be $5 or .10.


Many years ago we used Saxon math with the older kids . My son needs the tactile input also. He knows that you need money to get a treat but how much escapes him! Eventually I will find the right thing and when it makes sense to him he will get it! MUS here I come!!